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June 2013, hello and welcome!  I know I always say this at the turn of each month, but, where did May go?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining but it really does feel as though it just started.  Thankfully we are into June and getting into the warmer months here – finally!  Hooray!  DH only had a two-day weekend (hard life I know) so we decided to stay close to home and not go on an adventure.  Friday night we kicked off our festivities with an hour at the beach sunbathing and enjoying the water.

Saturday:  Woke up early to start the weekend off right – yep, you got it a long run.  Today our training plan instructed us to run 1:20:00 minutes in total at an easy pace.  Everyday this last week the temperatures were well into the 90’s (around 100F) so we decided it best to get up early for a ‘cooler’ run.  At the start, it turned out to be a strange combination of cooler around 73F but the humidity was all the way up in the 90’s.  It’s weird to have cold sweats isn’t it?  To make things worse, we took a different route that seemed a bit safer and less congested but we soon found out… it contained the steepest hill we had ever run together.  Seriously when I saw the hill I wanted to either turn around or just curl up in a ball and cry.  Oh my! Oh my!  It almost did me in and that was just about ½ way through our run.  So you can expect how our run turned out… ha-ha

After our long run we decided to shower, eat a small breakfast and get on with our day.  We also might have stopped at for an iced coke (terrible I know…) that I was craving.  Post-run time is the only time I crave soda – strange isn’t it?  Frozen soda in hand, we went off downtown to the Fredericksburg Farmers’ Market which was incredible busy.  The city is fun but one never really knows what is going on since most things are not really advertised.  We went to see our favorite real farmers and purchase our veggies when we noticed there was a historical car show going on downtown.  We weren’t expecting much but boy were we surprised.  There were tons of cars, not sure how many since they were placed all down the historical streets but it took us about an hour without too much gawking by the DH.  It was a great time. I learned a great lesson – always use suntan lotion before going downtown just in case.  I don’t burn much but the poor DH is showing off a beet red neck right now.

He rested his red neck at a table for two at Castiglia’s which now serves vegan cheese on their pizzas!!!!  Thank you!!!  So delicious! Then we searched all around town for citronella candles (where do you find them?) and only found one at Lowe’s.  Finally the rest of the day was spent relaxing at home and doing some housework and making a new kale salad.  (recipe coming soon)

Sunday was another early morning for us even though we didn’t really have that much planned.  DH wanted something healthy but then also wanted pancakes.  So what else to do, I made a new type of vegan protein pancake.  Yum!  (recipe coming soon)  We also wanted to attend church but apparently it was a service in a local park for HS graduates and a picnic thing.  We had plans with friends later so we didn’t have time for an extra long service nor a church picnic so we couldn’t attend.  I was really disappointed but nothing to do.

So we headed off to get some necessary groceries at our favorite Wegman’s Market (by necessary I mean watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries) and to a local sports store.  Unfortunately the sports store didn’t have anything for shorter people nor did they have any ‘biker’ shorts for running.  I’m still seeking some good runner shorts that don’t rub or hike up…

Finally home we took a while to read and relax with the furry babies.  Then we rushed around the kitchen for things to take to a get together with a couple that lives nearby.  It was our first meet up so we were a bit nervous – almost like a first date isn’t it?  Even though rain was threatening our BBQ at the park, we went anyways and had an amazing time.  We all hope to make it a more normal occurrence even through our busy schedules.  Finally the day was coming to an end so we ate some cold pineapple and watched a little BBC TV show called “Waiting for God”.  So loving this old series!

That’s it!  How was your weekend?