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Yesterday I posted a blog, Genki Version of Salsa and Chips, and how we have fallen for PopChips.  Still loving these chips but they are a bit hard to find in our local stores – your location may be different.  I’m sorry PopChips, I cheated on you last night with our weekly Mexican Chip night.  Yum!  Please don’t be mad…  Last night we tried PopCorners Sea Salt Corn Chips which are accidentally vegan but I’m so thankful PopCorners made this ‘mistake’.

For those of you not in the know but love popcorn, let me instruct you – run to the grocery store and seek out these tortilla shaped chips (don’t jog, run!).  Basically the chips are made from popcorn that has been steamed rolled by a large guy/gal in a very tiny steam-roller.  Then another guy/gal comes through and delicately sprinkles magic sea salt all over the chips and places them delicately in the bag.  Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly the whole process but a girl can dream, right?  It’s what they taste like at least.

The texture is much like my beloved rice cakes only thinner and much more flavor filled.  Don’t get me wrong, these are not as crunchy as PopChips Tortilla Chips however they do have a crunchy texture that can make it worth the calories.  Best yet, these chips taste like popcorn!!!  Think Mexican Tortilla night mashed up with movie night at the theaters.  Nom nom nom All the while you don’t get the guilt because each 1.1g serving is only 3.5g total fat and that is a lot less than movie theater popcorn.  Plus you get to use these chips to shovel salsa and guacamole into your mouth.  Yum!!!

As for the price, this is the only issue for these healthier versions of tortilla chips.  It’s always funny how you buy a product with less ingredients yet it’s more expensive.  Normal tortilla chips are a lot cheaper but who wants boring old corn tortilla chips.  We have bought both the PopCorners and the PopChips and personally we find the PopCorners do give at least ½ a bag while the PopChips only contains about ¼ a bag “after settling”.  For the same price, we would prefer to buy PopCorners instead since there is more quantity of product.  Both products are equally delicious and go for the same price in our area.  It all depends on if you want heavily seasoned or plain sea salt.  It’s a preference thing.

What’s your favorite?