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Lately I’ve seen a few people eating salsa and chips for dinner and I have to admit I was jealous.  Our area does have a few Mexican restaurants but nothing is really outstanding or vegan approved so making it at home just makes sense.  It’s not something that we eat often though seeing as the tortilla chips do normally have a ton of fat and calories which doesn’t mix well with my attempts at reducing my waistline.  But thanks to the dream making folks over at PopChips, there are Chili Limon tortilla chips!!!

Vegan you ask?  Yes, yes they are thank you guys!  Gluten-free certified too.  There are actually two vegan kinds but in our stores we can only find the Chili Limon.  The other one is Salsa which I really wanted but the one store that contains the chips in our area does not have both varieties.  There are two other kinds but since they aren’t vegan – who cares right? (Ha-ha, said by a true vegan)  It’s just thrilling to have a new option for tortilla chips that stay in my category of healthy eating.  You can eat 16 chips for only 120 calories and 4g total fat – hello!  I think I could have eaten the entire bag of 3.5 servings and not felt guilty about it after dinner.

So seriously delicious we are on our second bag!  We would have purchased more but they only had one bag left in the store.  The taste might unknowingly fool others because non-health eaters might not even question the taste.  The texture is of course a bit different but seeing as many people don’t consider popcorn to be healthy, they will probably get by without too much negotiation.  My husband couldn’t get enough of it so that’s a good sign.

My version of the perfect night in for dinner:  Mexican Restaurant Version

Guacamole – love, love, love this recipe!  I’ve been to Mexican a lot but haven’t taken a cooking class while in the country so I went to an outside resource.  It was simple but hit the spot. If we make it next time, I plan on adding double the amount of lime though so it doesn’t brown as fast. (Note, we have made this three more times and the double lime really adds a tangy punch, perfect for Mexican treats.)

Salsa– we make our own sometimes but we had some Archer Farms on hand from my salad addiction a week ago.  In my bowl of salsa I add tons of hot sauce- DH has less.  To make your own salsa simple dice tomatoes, garlic, onion, cilantro and add some more lime to the mixture.  It’s simple and easy.  Added protein can be some cooked black beans.

PopChips Chili Limon Tortilla Chips– each bag contains 3.5 servings but we found we ate the entire bag in 3 servings.

Enjoy a simple Mexican inspired dinner at home for a reasonable price.  Nom nom nom