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I had my doubts it would ever happen but it finally did, it turned warm. Hooray!!!! *dancing, dancing, dancing* My perfect day has warm weather which for normal people brings whimpers to their lips and promotes most to turn on house AC units. Yep, I’m the one sitting outside in 90’ish degree weather with a big smile on my face. When I was young my family did not have air conditioning so I’m not a big fan of forced air into a house – when heat is unbearable and we do in fact turn it on, I tend to get sick. I’m strange, I know but that’s okay because being different is good. Never walk the line of ordinary…

Breakfast: Oatmeal, 1 tbsp molasses, fresh strawberries and a mug of coffee.

Snack: Not pictured (I forgot) It was one of those bagel thins with a little Earth Balance Vegan Butter. Oh, I ate an orange too but forgot to photograph that too. Oops! I understand if you want to stop reading now…

Lunch: Amazing Kale Salad without tempeh crumbles but with the addition of Cajun seasoned tofu. We also have toasted seasoned tofu in our fridge for a little protein addition to any meal. Another favorite is seasoned cooked lentils. Mmm…

Snack: Joe’s O’s. I about had a breakdown with excitement on Friday when I found this cereal since my sister always calls me “Joe”. Then I read the Trader Joe’s nutritional facts and found it contains 50% DV iron! Perfect! These taste a lot like the Cheerios from when I was younger (aka before all the sugar). Yum! 1 cup is 110 calories.

Snack #2: Before our run I wanted to get a little extra sugar into my body since it was about 92F outside. I had a Luna bar for fuel.

Dinner: During our run, my stomach was still churning from stress so I actually didn’t have a huge hunger for anything. Thankfully we had some already prepped item and we just used those to make a large salad. DH had a salad with a lot of lentils, vegan sausage, rice and homemade refried beans. For me, I had greens from the farmers market, sliced cherry tomatoes, Cajun seasoned tofu, ½ a cob of corn and a sliced vegan smart dog.

Snack: Just tons of water.

My Workout Details:
Workout totals for the last 7 days:
*22.58 miles (Increasing distance and intensity with training)
*1,700 ft elevation gain
*6:19:28 hours/mins/secs running & Walking (Doesn’t include indoor workouts for TIU #bikinibabes)
*1,940 calories (does not include indoor workouts)

How was your Wednesday?Comment Below, I’d love to know.