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4-day weekend baby!!  It always seems like 4 day weekends come just when you need it right!  Hubby and I were extremely stressed this last week so we were thankful to finally just have some time to unwind and get this whole thing with our landlord worked out a bit.  Unfortunately our landlord didn’t answer any of our emails or telephone calls so we had to write a letter but at least we got something out in ‘snail’ mail.  Friday we decided to think over what we were to say and then Saturday we spend the entire morning writing the letter.  Then we were slightly free from it and tried to relax a little.  Finally on Monday we took a slight breathe of air.  So here is how the weekend went:

Friday we decided to drive to Richmond, VA for vegan food grocery shopping, of course. Ha-ha It takes about 1hr 15mins from our house but we don’t care since it involves vegan food.  We actually love to go to the Trader Joes & Whole Foods right near REI – the hubby’s latest favorite place on earth.  Little did we know its sale time – go now for the annual sale of REI brand clothes and other items.  We also found these raw vegan snack called Goji Cacao & Maca energy snacks by Laughing Giraffe Organics.  Seeing that it had been about 2 hours since eating breakfast, we were in need of a little raw vegan snack.  Totally delicious but, oh my goodness, 1.5 pcs = 170 calories & 13 g of fat!  We managed to purchase tons at REI for the hubby, energy snacks, Trader Joes’ shopping spree and whole foods spree all before lunchtime.  Then we returned to the amazing Lamplighter Roasting Coffee House where we purchased the best Maple Syrup Almond Milk Latte’s a few weeks ago.  Mmm  We were cravings it again but unfortunately they didn’t have them…  bo boo…  We did manage to get there for lunch and have two vegan options of the Honey BBQ Tofu and the Tempeh Sandwich.  All sandwiches come with a side so we had the fresh fruit (very sweet!) and the pasta salad.  The sandwiches were a great disappointment but we drowned our sorrows with two more lattes (vanilla and brown sugar).  Go for the lattes, seriously delicious!  Then we were off for home and BBQ’ing at home for a fast dinner.

Saturday was a different day because we spend the whole morning writing a letter to our landlords.  We wanted to make sure it was a nice but informative letter expressing our side to the contract and rights.  All hyped up on stress we just couldn’t settle our stomachs so we decided to postpone lunch and go for our long run of the week.  7.17 miles later we were back home.  We ate a small lunch and did some more paperwork the rest of the afternoon.  Exciting stuff…  For the evening entertainment we watched The Hobbit which we purchased about two weeks ago but just got to this weekend.

Sunday was finally the day we could sleep in but we had church so not much sleeping happened.  In fact, we actually were low on time so we ran off to Hyperion Coffee and had breakfast with fresh organic fair-trade coffee.  It was so gorgeous out people were sitting in the sunshine as they sipped on coffee.  Our church is not far from the coffee house so we managed to leave our car and walk.  Once over we walked to our car and found it was surrounded by firemen and police cars.  You should have seen our shocked faces!  A red-faced restaurant worker told us there was a small oven fire but since the alarms went off the outdoor transformation had to happen beside our car.  It was hilarious though and definitely going down in the books.  Off to the grocery store to pick up a few things, there might have been a large frozen coke in the mix, and then we went home.  We had some leftovers for lunch and then did some work around the house.  Finally it was dinner time and we snuck in a little Chinese Takeout Food.  Oh so bad of us but it’s okay…

Monday, Memorial Day, we finally had a chance to sleep in but again could not because we wanted to get our internal alarm clocks adjusted again.  We went for our furry baby walk, ate an oatmeal breakfast and then went off to the local Memorial Day Service.  It was a calm service but a very enjoyable one as we remembered our family members that served our country.  Back again at home we decided it was going to be perfect for a nice afternoon hike around Chancellorsville Battlefield.  Warning to others, do not take your furry babies as there are a ton of ticks.  We took a good ten minutes picking ticks off our poor furry baby and we only took a 2 mile walk.  Back home we washed the furry baby to assure no more ticks and washed ourselves to make sure.  Finally after all the tick searching we managed to have another BBQ – yay!  We love BBQ season and have officially turned our oven off for the season (well, kinda).

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything special?   

If you have any tips on preventing ticks, please let me know in the comments section or email.  Thanks.