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Late again, so sorry guys the 4-day weekend really threw me for a loop but now I’m back into the swing of things once again.  So this week I decided to share with you something that is being claimed by many fitness magazines and websites as the latest ‘celebrity fitness’ favorite.  I have to admit, I was not one of those children that danced around the house thinking of being a ballet.  Did anyone do that?  So when I heard about the ballet Barre exercise workout I wasn’t as excited as other fitness bloggers.  As far as I know, there are no barre classes offered within an hour from our house so I can’t image driving for a class and then finding out I didn’t like it.  It’s a 50/50% either way.

YouTube to the rescue!  I found some workouts online that are free to use and test out your barre skills.  Just in case you weren’t born to be a ballet dancer like me.  So far I have observed that a Ballet Barre exercise is basically a lot of different stretches and movements that involve the barre (yeah, that bar in ballet studios) to tone up the muscles one might not use in other workouts.  I love the idea it tones up the feet since these muscles are seriously important but under stretched.  Thankfully it does not require one to install a barre in our house.  I’m sure my husband would love to hear me ask for a barre in our house but would probably get it misunderstood with pole. Lol  All you need is a stable chair and some light weights.

Me, I turned out to like the workouts but I do tend to get a bit bored during the repetitions.  One can really feel the workout in different muscles (especially the feet for me) which is always a good sign.  I highly recommend checking out these free workouts online and then deciding for yourself if you would like to continue at a class or with a purchased DVD set.

What’s your favorite new workout?