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Need something new this week for inspiration with running?  Got a Garmin?  You might be surprised that Garmin has free training plans on the Garmin Connect website.  Yep you have been downloading your runs daily on the site that has some free training options.  DH and I have been a bit under the radar lately thanks to the wintery months but we decided to get more serious now that the weather is a bit warmer thanks to spring.  A few weeks ago we started our working out 5 days a week but we wanted something with more structure and I wanted to try something different.  Bored one day I started to look into all the tabs on Garmin Connect and found the free workout plans (in the ‘Plan’ tab).  Right now there are just running workout plans but if you are a runner you can pick your specific running level (beginner, intermediate, expert) and distance goal (5k, 10k, ½ marathon and marathon).

Just for all of you (and in an attempt to fight those extra winter pounds) we are testing out the ½ marathon training plan.  We would like to run a ½ marathon again this fall and why not start from the beginning of all beginnings, Spring!  Simply choose your level and submit some personal information and the system will tell you how long to extend your goal date of goal distance.  It’s really easy and can be done in about two minutes time.  Then add the plan to your calendar (in the ‘Plan’ tab).  Our training plan has us running different training skills 5 days a week, 2 days are off days to rest and boy does one need it.

How has the training plan been going for us?  Well if you keep up on this site, you might have noticed on WIAW blogs I have increased our weekly running by double the amount.  We have only been doing the training plan for two weeks but we both have noticed we are enjoying the schedule and sticking to it.  Additionally we have noticed our running has molded into a steadier stream and our energy levels have increase daily.  It’s nice to have a goal and plan set up just for you- so motivating!  Best yet, it’s free!

Right now I’m off to do my daily Tone It Up Bikini Babes Challenge video workout before tonight Interval Training.  What’s your plan for the night?

Has anyone else tried Garmin training plans? I would love to hear your personal story. Comment Below Or Email Me