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New week, new beginnings!  Monday’s are always a little downer, especially after an adventurous weekend with people whom you adore.  Our weekend was again pretty uneventful but full to capacity as it usually tends to turn out.  To most of you, our weekend must have been a tad bit boring but for us it was jam-packed.

Saturday we had a light breakfast of molasses spiked oats and sliced oranges – exciting I know…  Off we were for a 30 minute drive to the city to go to the farmers market – my happy place.  Let’s just say I bought more kale than our fridge can hold but couldn’t be happier.  Then we found a coffeehouse called Blackstone Coffee located next to University of Mary Washington.  Tip to find good coffee (normally) is to locate a university and find a ‘mom and pop’ shop.  Let’s face it, college students need a lot of coffee and the good stuff is preferred- I know this ever so well firsthand.  We found the freshly roasted coffee to be ‘just okay’ but nothing all that special.  There are also pastries, bagels, and I think they also make sandwiches but nothing is vegan.  The atmosphere is clean and inviting but definitely not quiet enough to study (think metal pegged chairs over stone floors) and the staff is more than friendly from the moment you walk into the café.  Unfortunately coffee drinkers are warned, instead of the normal 5% they charge 11% sales tax!

After our coffee fix, we went clothes shopping – oh bother…  We did try a few national brand stores but just could not find anything that fit my body.  If you are a designer, please make clothes for short, non stick thin people please!!!  So no new running clothes for me again… but, don’t feel bad I did find a few new things for lounging around the house.  Pretty soon I’m going to be running nude but at least I’ll have something to wear lounging around the house.  Finally I got my courage up but then learned our local Victoria Secret does not carry any adult exercise clothes- who knew.  Just not my luck, ha-ha…

Once home the DH and I went ahead with our training program and did our long Saturday run.  Our plan said 1 hour of running at a relaxed pace since it was our first long run but we ended up running 1:20:30.  Our gated community is in the middle of the country and is very hilly so it’s a bit of a challenge for us after living in flat Ohio.  Once we got over the first two miles, we were kicking old school and having a blast.  The seventh and last mile took some mind focus determination but we made it without collapsing.  Only a small amount of Bengay was used for sore muscles (tip: just as good as Icy Hot).  We cracked open a lovely Thai Coconut and a nice bowl of Amazing Kale Salad.  Yum!

Sunday was even more boring for us…  We were going to go to church but unfortunately the Marine Corps Historic ½ Marathon was going on through downtown – which just happens to be the only road to get anywhere.  Actually we didn’t know of the marathon until we tried to get some breakfast and the road was blocked.  Don’t they usually put signs up?  A kind police officer suggested we walk a few miles to get to the grocery store- little does he know how much food we purchase!  Ha-ha. We ended up at Target getting coffee and buying a few things to last for a day or two because we can return to the store.  We also went to a local area store chain but ended up with only a few things since it’s about 3x the normal price.

Sunday is our off day from workouts so I ended up just cleaning the house a bit while DH did some paperwork in his home office.  We intended to watch The Hobbit which we just purchased but ended up reading and watching an old BBC show called The World’s Strictest Parents.  See, exciting!

How was everyone’s weekend?