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Every year around this time it always hits me, I become addicted to raw vegan food. Not that we don’t eat raw vegan in the winter too but there is just something about crunching into a large bowl of something fresh from the farmers’ market. Yum! The last two weeks I have had cravings for raw vegan salads and seem to not be able to get enough. Today was no exception and tomorrow won’t be either… As always you can follow me on Instagram (GenkiKitty) and see what I eat everyday and other misc things I find interesting.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, molasses (20% DV iron in 1 tbsp), coffee and an English muffin with Ikea seaweed caviar (vegan) & strawberries

Snack: Whole Grain Cheerios (45%DV Iron) & strawberries (2x)

Lunch: Sliced celery, sliced colored bell peppers (I don’t like green ones), sliced cucumber and TJ’s hummus. Not Pictured- TJ whole grain tortilla with homemade TVP pepperoni crumble.

Snack: Another cup of Cheerios and some strawberries & 2 small Navel oranges. Forgot picture. I ate this 1 hour before running. I ate a Medjool date after returning from our run for energy.

Dinner: Homemade raw vegan chili sans carne on a bed of lettuce (not pictured) & some sliced veggies from lunchtime.

Snack: A few more strawberries and a piece of Ikea vegan approved chocolate. Photo is for two people (I didn’t eat it all). DH also had some Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream (vegan).

My Workout Details:
Workout totals for the last 7 days:
*27.63 miles (Still working on increasing this)
*1937 ft elevation gain
*10:12:17 hours/mins/secs running & Walking (Doesn’t include indoor workouts for TIU #bikinibabes)
*2,104 calories (does not include indoor workouts)

I’d love to know what everyone else eats, feel free to link your WIAW in comments section.