Sorry for the delay, my internet was on an unexpected vacation yesterday.

Don’t be alarmed if you smell smoke, it’s just my abs on fire!  Yep, the muscle house core has been awoken and has not been happy with the new change of pace.  I’m not new to ab workouts (my fav is on the exercise ball- don’t let its fun atmosphere fool you) but today I decided to express press a workout before lunch.  Warning, never, ever (seriously ever) push in a fast ab workout especially when you are going to eat right away.  (I’m not so accidentally going to forget to mention how I laid in a fetal position for an hour and then another 1.5 hours flat on the sofa wincing in pain.)

What left me with this life lesson, since I’m sure all of you want to test it out too (and see how much of a wimp I am…).  Following along in week 2 of Tone It Up, I’ve managed to do this Sunkissed Abs Workout from Tone it Up Bikini Babes Challenge.  Video Below and Printout Here

The workout itself isn’t all that military drill sergeant, in fact last week, I did if 3x in a row***.  But, and please write this down if necessary, but don’t try to rush along with Karena and Katrina as this is not what it was made to do.  Full throttle (I never do anything lightly- “Do everything as it were for the Lord” Colossians 3:23 so I inadvertently tore my ab muscles in pieces.  As one that knows first hand, when you work your muscles you are creating tears that need at least 48 hours to recover.  This is one of the main reasons health experts suggest strength training only a few times a week instead of daily.  As a side note, try to take your time through strength training, slower can be better occasionally.  Now that I think about it, Tai Chi just makes more sense to me now.  My Japanese host grandparents in Kyushu would practice it daily with all their fit elderly friends in the city down at a local park.  At the time I couldn’t understand how this sport helped them keep fit and rejuvenated by as an adult it all makes sense.  Slow, steady, and controlled movements work the muscles without over stressing them.  Oops!  Lesson learned…

*BTW, you can still sign up for the Tone It Up Bikini Babes Challenge which is 100% free!  Check It Out Here!

**Ha-ha  This probably sounds like a advertisement but seriously I just love these two ladies and admire their desire to share their knowledge with others.