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Clothes shopping brings me just short of hyperventilating but grocery shopping turns me into a dancing geek of excitement. Our new residential area does not contain much international flare hence we have to drive 1 hour (3-4 in rush-hour traffic) up to Washington D.C. area for more options. It didn’t take us long before finding some great stores that contain a lot of what we prefer to eat on a daily basis (if only it were closer-thank goodness for our Prius). Our favorite stores so far have to be: Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, & Lotte Market. There are quite a few locations all around the metropolitan area but we do have our favorites. To save a little driving time, we wanted to stick closer to our beloved vegan restaurant, Loving Hut. Unfortunately the latest Lotte we found was not that impressive – even less impressive after it took us about 10 minutes to find the entrance which was an old semi-truck entrance. But what can we say… We didn’t purchase as many fresh vegetables as we had hoped but at least now we know, right? So anyways, shopping in D.C. took the entire day on Saturday. Friday and Sunday were basically boring work around the house days. We did manage to eat some really delicious meals and get some good workouts done. Hooray! Health first!

vegan grilling (served 4)

Leftover Grilled items picnic at the lake:

Iron Filled Kale Citrus Salad (Raw Vegan)

Cute Instagram Find:

Workout Details:
As of Saturday my workout totals for the week:
*15.41 miles (kinda low)
*1085 ft elevation gain while running at once
*4.57 hours/mins running & Walking (Doesn’t include indoor workouts for TIU #bikinibabes)
*1,227 calories (does not include indoor workouts)

How was your weekend?