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For so long I have watched WIAW blog posts from others and have been inspired. As I look at my meal tracker and photos, I am constantly thinking “wow, I’m a boring eater lately”.  We all get in food ruts though, right? Guess that’s why it is so important to eat healthy foods so when one does get in a rut, it’s at least good for the body.

Two differences one might see in my food is basically thanks to some warmer weather and a little medical advice searching. First off, I’ve noticed I have gone from craving warm soups and salads to more raw vegan food. I’m craving green smoothies from all fresh veg and fruit. Yum! Thanks to our local farmer’s market, we have a few things that are fresh from the farm. By this I mean, FL. We move to the countryside in VA and we can’t find local farmers selling produce (go figure!). Florida isn’t really that far I guess compared to produce in the stores from CA.

Secondly, I have done some research and found that I might have a lower level of iron. Before I read it, no, it’s not from being vegan. Rather, it is a lack of eating iron the proper way for my body. For the last two months I have been feeling rather dizzy and lightheaded, especially when I am walking or running. It’s been rather hard for me and I haven’t understood it so I did some research myself. All my symptoms together suggested I had low levels or iron. So, I have been taking in more doses of iron with molasses, iron fortified cereal and eating oranges along with my dark leafy greens. (Note: I also learned spinach is not a good source for iron deficient people since it has a high level of calcium.) I’m not an expert on the deficiency but as I go through the process of research and self-testing, I will be writing later.

So let me put an end to my babble and on with the food photos:
Breakfast: Oatmeal, Molasses, and cinnamon

Snack: Beet & Carrot Juice and a small orange

Lunch: Hippie Bowl (2/3 c frozen veggies, red quinoa, spinach, nutritional yeast and a little soy sauce)

Snack: Another orange

Dinner: Swiss Chard & Tomato Soup (homemade- recipe coming to my website soon); also followed up by strawberries and oranges

*Today was a bit out of the ordinary since we had to go into town to get an oil change. The entire day was full of sever thunderstorms and flooding in our area. Thankfully the Pup and I got in a 1.24 mile walk in 31.42 minutes. (I also got in my TIU workout.) On the drive home from town, we saw a bright glow of light. I thought at first it was a large fire or something but it was the sun setting. So amazing!