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Sometimes you find the best restaurants in the strangest of locations. So maybe we didn’t stumble on the restaurant but we did get a recommendation by a gentleman by a local taking a short stop at the Masonic Cemetery which was apparently donated to the local Lodge in 1784 by a Scottish merchant called James Somerville (according to the posted sign outside). So as DH and I were taking his visiting MI parents sightseeing around the cemetery, this gentleman mentioned the best place to go in town was Castiglia’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria (1/2 a block from the Masonic Cemetery).

Once we were told the owner was really from Italy and his Italian father was in town for a few days visiting and cooking that night, we knew we had to go there. What more of an honor but to have someone from Italy cook you authentic veganized Italian food? Yum! Italian restaurants are a bit hard when vegan, since just about everything has cheese in it, but thankfully our waitress was super nice and double checked everything before placing our orders. She even brought us out some special rolls that contained no olive oil or butter. The rolls weren’t anything special but it was really nice to be assures our food was in good hands. On a side note, she mentioned the backroom was being catered to all vegans. So, they must get a lot of vegan orders from this area. It was a bit odd to hear about a vegan party in the back since there are no 100% vegan restaurants in the area at all. In fact, most people look at us strange when we even say the word vegetarian. Gasp! So we knew we were in good hands.

DH and I decided to take advantage of Italian poppa at the wood oven and ordered a Vegetarian Pizza (artichokes, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and so on) and a Veggie Sandwich from the wood oven – both without cheese and butter. We ordered the sandwich off the normal menu but for some reason our plate didn’t come with French fries so we asked the waitress about it. She double checked and mentioned something about the sandwich no longer coming with a side dish or no longer available but we didn’t quite understand since the noise level in the room was a bit high. She was so nice to bring a plate of fries to us (it’s my addiction) since it was still on the normal level. So take note, this sandwich isn’t on the normal menu anymore so make sure to order a plate of fries if you are like me. They are totally worth it, yum! Actually, everything was totally worth it just way too much food. (That’s a good thing though)


Everything was totally delicious both on the carnivore side (our guests recommend) and on the vegan side. The dough for the pizza and rolls were made at the location and all the ingredients were incredibly fresh. For carnivores, the meat was freshly sliced on the spot and the mozzarella we were told in made in house too. Our pizza was incredibly delicious but really filling, we could have ordered just the one and have been totally fine. In fact, we took the eggplant/Portobello sandwich home for the next day as leftovers. It warmed up nicely but it was a bit too much olive oil- but that’s Italians for ya. All in all we would recommend this place to even our closest friends.

Castiglia’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, 10705 Courthouse Road Fredericksburg, Virginia

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