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“Will Travel for Vegan Food” – oh yes we will! Living in Central Virginia can be difficult as a vegan. There are less than a handful of vegan options at non-vegan restaurants. Do even think about a 100% vegan restaurant – nope sorry… Thankfully a one-hour drive (triple that with traffic) gets us to a few different metropolitan areas I like to refer to as civilization. One of these civilized areas just happens to be the capital of the Commonwealth of VA called Richmond.

Before setting off for the drive to Richmond, we researched the area for vegan restaurants. One sight-seeing attraction we wanted to see was the Wilton House which was a few miles from West End Antique Mall. There is a fee to go into the site but we just wanted to see the outside of the estate. It was a gorgeous spring day and the estate was in a really good shape- the house next door was even more impressive. The antique mall was gigantic and well worth the drive if you love to antique shop indoors. The restaurant we found was called Fresca on Addison .

Fresca on Addison is a vegetarian restaurant but there are vegan options available. After so many months of no vegan pizza, I was pulling the husband down the road in a sweat with excitement. Just a small queue was in front of me, thankfully otherwise I might have cried. We had in mind what we wanted but unfortunately when we got to the front, the two entrees we wanted were no longer available for the day. Bo boo… 😦 Sad we had to ask the cashier what she recommended but she didn’t know what to say so we went with the “Kale, roasted red peppers, pine nuts pizza”, an Earth burger sandwich (no longer available) and an earth-friendly root beer locally produced. It was sunny so we sat outside watching the car repair men working away on car and people walking their furry babies. (so cute)


The food turned out to be delicious! The sandwich was the best- no idea why it’s no longer available. The pizza was good but it did lack a little in the sauce department but other than that it was a pretty good meal. If my friends were in the area, I would totally encourage them to go to this restaurant. We did notice it got a little busy though, so anticipate a long wait. Additionally, (something we got confused about) there are glasses for water to be ‘self-served’. Turn around after ordering inside and you will see a tiny table with silverware and you will see the water station. It’s a bit confusing seeing as though it’s a small restaurant and hard to see things when it’s busy. (Thanks to the lovely lady that assisted us as she was waiting in line.)

*Note: There is a wonderful restaurant just a few blocks down the road called Lamplighter Roasting Company which has the most amazing coffee! They also have vegan options but seeing as we just ate, we only got an Maple Syrup almond milk latte. (Yep, they have almond and soy options!) We loved it so much we tried to recreate it at home.  Unfortunately we haven’t perfected the latte design though…