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Black Bean Noodles, nom nom nom. If you’ve ever watched a Korean drama, you know what I’m talking about (and not giving your screen a strange look right now). Basically it’s a carbo-loaded Korean dish that is very popular and especially in our house. My husband would literally eat this dish every night if I would allow him but considering the amount of carbs it contains, I only serve it on special occasions.

Here’s my recipe I use to make Black Bean Noodles. It’s so filling so be sure you are severely hungry before attempting to eat an entire bowl or even make it. (The smell will be wonderful and you won’t be able to resist.)

These noodles are similar to other oriental noodles but these are easy to find in the states on the Eastern Coast and Midwest. In our neck of the woods we purchase from Lotte Market which is a Korean grocery store but we used to go to a Chinese one in Cleveland, OH called Cam’s, it just really depends on where you live. I have also seen them available in regular grocery stores that have an international aisle.

Jjajyamyung is a great spring recipe that can be eaten after a seriously hard workout day or the night before a marathon. DH wants it whenever he comes across it in our pantry. We do prefer these noodles over others seeing it stands up to the heavy black bean sauce and doesn’t get soggy in the process of going from the kitchen to the dining room table. To work along with the flavorful sauce, the noodles have a more subtle flavor that does not overpower it. Reasonably price, strong texture and great flavor all lead to a wonderful bowl of hot Korean black bean noodles – yum!

Give it a try, you’ll fall in love too.

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