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Have you seen these “What I ate Wednesday” blog posts that people spread around the web? I’m always enthralled in them and have become quite addicted setting myself a place at other people’s tables. Sounds like I’m a stalker, right?! Ha-ha Normally I sit at my computer screen procrastinating and wondering what I should prepare for the next meal. Sometimes I make the mistake of stalking meal plates when I’m hungry but between meals – uh oh! Really not suggested… oops! Yea, um, so I thought I would try this again and see how you all like it.

One word of warning, I am small in stature, so my calories may not be enough for you. Personally I follow along a 1200-1400 calorie intake daily, such as today. If I’m working out, I can eat around 1800 calories to assure my body has enough energy to continue. But enough of that, on to the food…

Breakfast: Normally I wake up early to make the husbands’ breakfast and start off with ½ grapefruit and a lovely mug of Donut Shoppe Coconut Mocha coffee (okay, maybe I had two)… mmmm I send the DH off to work and Genesis Sprouted Whole Grain English Muffin- 2 sides. 1 side with 1/2 tbsp peanut butter/jam and 1 side with a dab of coconut spread. Mmmm

Snack: Strawberries were starring me in the face every time I refilled my water glass. Nom nom nom I topped it off with ½ a bottle of Kombucha Gingerberry.

Lunch: It’s been warm here lately so all my cravings have been for organic mixed greens. Mmmmm Oh yeah, and I had a nice mug of acai blueberry teavana tea while working outside.

Snack: Before my second run I was starving so I made sure I ate something that would energize me for the run. So I ignored the looks the strawberries were giving me and went for a granny smith apple with the other half of my tbsp peanut butter from breakfast. Yum-mo! It’s the perfect solution to pre-run hunger.

Dinner: DH was itching to grill outside seeing it was gorgeous weather so we dug out some vegan dogs (mine) and vegan sausages (DH). We topped the meal off with organic mixed greens and some homemade tabboule. Mmmm Perfect!

Let me know in the comments section if you would like me to start this series…