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Weight loss is difficult and shouldn’t be taken as a 10 day crash course or a small task.

You’ve made the decision to lose weight but are you ready to become friends with your food?  There are 3 parts to a healthy weight loss lifestyle which are:  mental health, exercise, and proper relationship with food.  You may have made your mind to work out and think healthy but have you begun a good relationship with your food?

Something many weight loss/healthy lifestyle experts don’t really preach about much is ingredients and nutritional values of the foods you intake.  Yes when you are trying to live healthy and drop some pounds, one must count calories.  Even though I’m not a healthy expert, I can truly say as a former obese person that one must count (or at least reduce) calories to lose pounds.  But something I disagree with a few fitness experts is that a person can not eat anything as long as it’s in ones’ calories count.  Once I watched a video of a famous fitness expert during a speech answer a question suggesting one can eat anything as long as it is accounted for- even if one eats only Oreos.  Nope sorry, I strongly disagree!  One must learn what’s in those Oreos before devouring the entire package in a day.  First of all, eating high sugary/fatty foods are not going to help reduce those pounds.  There’s almost no protein which helps a person grow muscle and feel full.  When was the last time you saw an Olympian eat 5 candy bars before a competition?  Or seen a fitness expert eat donuts before a workout?  Um, still thinking and searching online?  I’m pretty confident in saying never… if you don’t believe me, eat a few cookies and then go on a hard run and see how you feel after the run. (If you can make it…)

If you haven’t checked go grab a box/bag of whatever ‘diet’ food you have in your kitchen or pantry.  Check out the nutritional facts chart.  Go ahead really check out the fat, sugar, serving size, sodium and etc.  Then go to the ingredients, do you really know all of them?  Do you know MSG, citric acid, and etc?  Check them on the internet and really research them, Wikipedia is a great website to start on first.  See what other uses are for that ingredient.  When I started to do this I noticed many of the diet foods were not only stripping healthy parts of the foods to reduce calories but were also partially applicable to be used as a floor cleaner.  Okay so maybe I use even more natural ingredients on my floors than what’s in my food.

Once you know what’s in your food, you can finally clear your mind from harmful ingredients and even feel better to exercise more.  After all, would you prefer to be fueled by sugar and fat or vitamins and minerals?