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Oh my goodness these are amazing crisps, wait chips, wait cracker? I really don’t know what to call what this tiny snack bag contains because it is sweet, crispy but looks like a chip. If you have never had a Korean snack before you might be surprised with the level of sweetness each one contains. This particular item appears to be drenched in something sweet such as honey or maple syrup but that isn’t the case. In fact, it has just a slight sweet flavor such as eating a sweet potato compared to an Oreo. Yep, it’s that different. My best attempt to explain this treat is frosted flake cereal which has sat in a hot car and the sugar has melted making a glossy film over the top of each piece. Oh true mouth-watering bliss!

This sweet chip thingy I also had while in Japan and Korea, I’m not sure where it originated from but this brand is in Korean. Unfortunately I don’t read Korean and I tried to research how to pronounce this snack but even after “Learning to read Korean in 15 minutes”  I’m still none the wiser (but at least it was fun trying). Anyone know the name to share with this poor non-Korean reading gal?

So anyways, I can tell you that these are perfect alongside a nice cold beverage on a hot day or a pint (if you are old enough and not driving later). The ingredients are rather simple and less processed than many others. It contains: Wheat Flour, refined sugar, palm olein oil, sunflower oil, corn starch, peanut cream, refined salt, sesame, onion extract, pectin, and coconut cream. It does contain wheat and peanuts. The entire bag of chips contains 316 calories and 9g of fat; hence, it is not the healthiest snack but when you are craving something and want a vegan snack this is the one. Yum!

We love trying new things in our household but it’s hard to get a hold of foreign items in our new city. It’s well worth the hour drive from our house. If you’ve had the chance, what’s your favorite Korean treat? Comment below!