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Relaxation in the sunshine, yes please! Thanks! Hopefully all of you had a wonderful weekend (and some of the sunshine). Here in “in the great state of” Virginia (Sorry, I can’t say it without thinking of the tv show, Storage Wars– anyone else love that show?) the weather jumped from 20-70F overnight; yep, you read that right. A bit unpredictable…

Last weekend (Easter) the DH and I went on a day trip to Richmond, VA and took a hike in at the Fredericksburg Quarry. It turned out to be a nice 3-4 mile hike but the quarry wasn’t the one we had seen in photos online. (Turns out that quarry is in Stafford, oops.) It was a nice walk through the rain though. After the adventures last weekend we agreed to take this weekend off from going anywhere but grocery shopping. We did a rather good attempt at doing nothing but got distracted by going to Lowe’s for a cilantro plant, since I needed it for a recipe I decided to buy a plant instead of a freshly cut package from the store. Two vegans in a “candy” store, we ended coming out with organic soil, 2 heirloom tomato plants, purple basil, cilantro, and parsley. Yum! Little did we know until checkout but everything was on sale so we ended up paying ½ the retail price. So excited, I almost hugged the checkout clerk. We also managed to get all of our groceries but nothing all that exciting since produce is still not in season in Virginia. Come on strawberry season! Other than shopping the DH and I didn’t really get into too much. A little housework, BBQ’ing, and washing the car was about the excitement of the entire weekend. Exciting, I know!

We did however get into some running in the sun. Boy have we missed warm weather runs where one can sweat without worrying of hypothermia. Okay, so maybe that was an exaggeration but still it felt cold to this warm weather lover. Sweating just feels so good! I love the 2 phrases, “I wear black to exercise as it is a funeral to my fat” and “sweat is fat crying”. What’s your favorite phrase about running?

Sorry I couldn’t amuse all of you with more interesting photos or stories (maybe next weekend since it’s a 3-day weekend!) If you had a more interesting weekend, let me know about it in the comment section. Or if you didn’t, let me know and we can delight in relaxation together.

Last Week of Cold Exercise Recap:
Monday: Pup walk 1.27 mi 28:55 mins
Tuesday: Pup Walk 1.45 mi 32:50 mins
X2: 1.18 mi 26:39 mins
Wednesday: Pup Walk 1.24 mi 26:55 mins
Run: 2.67 mi 27:42 mins
Thursday: Pup Walk 1.23 mi 25:45 mins
Friday: None (so cold and thunderstorms)
Saturday: Pup Walk with DH 1.23 mi 28:53 mins
Run 2.75 mi 30:07 mins
Sunday: Pup Walk 1.24 mi 25:54 mins
Run 3.15 mi 33:04 mins
Run Cooldown: 0.62 mi 7:39 mins (jog/walk)