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It’s been a few days again since I have given you a full recap of the day – it’s been a bit hectic around our house seeing as we yet again received the gift of snow from Mother Nature on Sunday night. Never before do I remember a time when it would be 60F one day and that night snow. Then the next two days it melts once again. Today I actually shoveled off the rest of the snow from our porch while wearing sandals – so weird!

Normally on Monday I tend to give a weekend recap also but seeing as I was angrily hibernating over the fact we had snow again, I didn’t want to write an article while in my state. Trust me, you are better off… but just as last Monday it passed and I lived through it. Thankfully there was a refreshing spring Sakura Lush Bath bomb calling my name at night followed by a relaxing glass of white wine. We are loving this wine called Lambrusco Dell’Emilia Bianco Dolce, a white Lambrusco. Lambrusco is from Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy and is commonly used for making sparkling wines. LOL, Emilia (can’t stop saying it like LeFloofTV on youtube – watch their videos, so funny!) If you can find it, I highly suggest it not only as a plonk but it is rather on the inexpensive side so when you have lots of snow days you can drown away your irritability. (Just kidding, remember only one glass.)

Yea, um, back to the topic of this weekend. It was a crazy long weekend, at least for me but not the hubby. Some crazy lady found a sofa table DIY plan on the internet and then just had to have it. DH has been asking to have a project so it just worked out. Little did I know I would have to not only take a trip to Lowe’s but twice and one time it was for 3.5 hours! Seriously how do men take that long in DIY stores? I’m not one of those people that enjoy going shopping for an hour let along three hours in one. Oh my, oh my… Thankfully we did manage to get the required wood, new nail shooter, nails, glue and oh so much more. Then we spent the rest of the weekend making the sofa table outside in the sunshine and snow flurries. Next step is sanding, fighting over what color to pick, and painting.

Time just flew by and I can’t really say what we did besides make a sofa table. Even though I joke we did enjoy spending time together this weekend (maybe not the last 1.5 hours in Lowe’s but…). Plus we now have a wonderful sofa table!