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Spring has finally arrived and my family and I intend on taking full advantage of it. VA hasn’t seen an opening of any farmers’ markets but farmers beware we will be at those opening doors, a large smile on our face, and reusable bags in hand. For now our plan is to add as many vegetables in our diet as possible, even if the veg isn’t from our local area.

Something that makes this challenge a bit more difficult is the American frame of mind of breakfast. It is the hardest meal of the day that in the traditional standard American diet does not really include many healthy vegetables. When I lived in Japan, I ate salads in the morning for breakfast along with miso filled with healthy vegetables. In Korea it was the same sort of breakfast fare. In the Caribbean I ate tons of fruit and again another salad. But for some reason when I’m in the states, it’s hard to overcome the frame of mind that was ingrained as a young child. Anyone else fight with this challenge too?

So along with the St. Patrick’s Day Green Oatmeal Surprise oatmeal dish, I created an oatmeal filled with kale and other healthy vegetables. Eating vegetables for breakfast is all about retraining the mind, along with a few tricks to the mind. This recipe came to my breakfast table after making a morning smoothie and thinking to myself, “why do I have to drink this, it’s a liquid and filled with vegetables”. I did what anyone would have done; I tossed it into my oatmeal for the morning. Why oatmeal again? Well, for me I find a grain in the morning really does fill me up and keeps me going the entire morning.

1 c smoothie (even if you’re on the road, you can purchase one to use in the oats)
½ c oats (on the road you can take a measured pkg or if you have to an envelope kind)

1. Add the two ingredients together and give it a good stir.
2. Microwave the mixture and then enjoy!

Traveler Tip: The DH and I actually have made oats on the road a few times. Take some pre-measured oats along in a baggie. Then simply go into a gasoline station and get one cup of hot water and a large cup. You can also take a paper bowl or mug along with you in your car if you don’t like to eat out of Styrofoam (I know I don’t- I call these cancer cups). Normally the clerks don’t make us pay but we do offer just in case. Take the hot water outside to the car and add the oats. Let it set for a few minutes and there you have it, a healthy bowl on the road. Or if you want, buy a smoothie and heat 1 cup in a mug at the station (most have microwaves) and then add your oats in your car it’s so easy and cheap!