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I must admit, the weather does predict my mood lately (ok, all the time). When the temperatures lower and the rain turned to a discolored, hard type of wet substance (yes, the “s” word which shall not be said in my presence) I turn into a grouchy sour lady that goes into hibernation. Seriously you are lucky that I do not write as much because it’s not pretty. LOL
So to break it down, this is what last week looked like:
•Monday – (2) 1.2 mile Pup Walks + 2.01 mile run in 21.29mins (Planned 5k but dark, angry clouds changed my mind)
•Tuesday – 1.90 mile run in 14 minutes (Sever rain in AM so no pup walks)
•Wednesday – 1.45 mile Pup Walk + 5k Run 32 mins
•Thursday – 1.23 mile Pup Walk 27 mins + 1 Hour Tennis with DH
•Friday – National Military Museum Walking + Grocery Shopping Run
•Saturday – Organization Central of “weight” lifting and moving (Rain)
•Sunday – Church and Grocery Shopping Run (Rain/Snow + cold)

Right now I’m really rejoicing in just getting out for exercise daily, when possible. I love to workout in the gym and on the streets but I find it hard to workout in the house. Occasionally I will do a few workouts throughout the week but nothing really that intense. As a general rule for everyone, one should try to get out at least 4x a week with moderate exercise. The level of exercise will depend on your personal level of fitness. There’s nothing wrong with running 1 mile at a 15 minute pace as long as you are trying. Likewise there is nothing wrong with running 10 miles as long as your body can handle it – exercise is about health in the end and not the number on the scale. Studies have found on numerous occasions that people whom are happy are healthier and weight loss. So for me personally I’m working on being happy and healthy so that the end result will be weight loss of those last pesky 15-20 pounds.

What’s your favorite workout as of lately?