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Do you know Speculoos Cookie Butter or Biscoff Spread? Or maybe the German name of Spekulatius. Speculoos is a spread made from grinding Spekulatius cookies. When I was young my family loved to snack on Spekulatius from the local grocery store. (Not sure why my family never made any homemade even though we had the tools from Germany…hmmm) I’m not sure if every grocery store had these square spice cookies with a hole in the center but they really won over my German family. I think they were sold as Windmill Cookies and then near Christmas the cookies showcased traditional scenes. As an adult I look at them and think they rather look like light switch plates in America. What do you think?

Trader Joes came out with a new chunky version of the ever popular cookie spread and my husband and I haven’t stopped raving about it. So this morning as my husband sat in bed asking what we should create for breakfast (because you create breakfast, not just eat it) I suggested Speculoos donuts! I’ve never seen my husband get up so fast on a Saturday morning!

The nice thing about these donuts is they are simply so easy to put together that you can toss them in the oven even before you had finished your first mug of Italian Roasted Coffee. I used a donut recipe I posted last year around this time but changed the frosting to be Speculoos flavored. Let me tell you, the flavor was just amazing! The husband has been talking about it since then has requested it again. Guess it’s a winner! (Word of warning, these are not healthy weight loss donuts but as the French say, “One must be well rounded and never have good/bad foods.”

Two Donut Recipes that would work just wonderfully:
Donut Recipe Here Or Different Donut Recipe that is healthy

Speculoos Donut Frosting Recipe:
1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar
1 Tbs coconut milk
1-3 tbsp Speculoos Cookie Butter, Biscoff Spread or what is available

Whisk all the ingredients (minus the sprinkles) together in a medium bowl. Spread over the top of the donuts; try to wait a few minutes after they get out of the oven. Then sprinkle with the lovely colorful sprinkles, if using. Devour!

*Question of Day:  What do you do with speculoos cookie spread?