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As the sun came out to play last night, the Darling Husband and I went to play some tennis. The temperature reached to around 47°F/8.3°C, nothing but a thick sweat-wicking sweater and cap to keep away the slight chill. Tennis courts are second nature to me but the specific court that we play on actually has a sandpit just outside the gate. Last time we played it really confused me, I kept thinking it was some sort of weird southern state thing to remove mud. At least that is all I could come up with for the last week of contemplating the reason for the sandpit. After thinking of the reason for this sandpit, the husband had a hint of light and came up with the answer (such a smart hubby). It is in fact one of those track-n-field long distance jump sandpits. Can you tell that wasn’t my sport? LOL So the husband showed me how to do the sport of jumping and we tested it out. Unfortunately the manly Rambo side came out of him and he had to show me just how far he could jump… Yep, you guessed it right…old men can jump but they should maybe slowly reintroduce themselves to the sport of jumping into sandpits. Let’s just say his ankle kept both of us awake last night so we were in much of a need of a wake up call this morning. Thankfully we came up with this naturally sweet but sparky morning juice. Nom nom nom


1 Beet
3 carrots
1 inch ginger
1 handful parsley
1 large handful kale
½ lemon
1 cucumber, optional (doesn’t really change taste just adds more liquid)

1. Don’t bother peeling anything just toss it all in the juicer.
2. Place in 2 cute glasses. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite “get me up” juice?

*Interesting Finding: In “Conscious Eating” Paul Kouchakoff, M.D. stated in “1930 he found his clients that started to eat an 80% more live-food diet for 6 months to 2 years have a significantly stronger immune system than the general population and get significantly less colds and flu than they did previously.”