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Hawaii was an amazing trip that the husband and I got to take with my Japanese family and friends this last year. We initially took the trip to be members of my Japanese sisters’ wedding party but of course we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to sightsee and eat delicious vegan foods. One place we found intriguing was the Dole Plantation that also has a small café that was filled to the brim with tourists. We actually didn’t get to eat at the café (would have taken hours to get through the line) but we did find a permanent little kiosk right outside the café that served pineapple ice cream, pineapple smoothies and something called pineapple whip. We really wanted to go ahead with the pineapple whip (like ice cream) but were sad since it contains cream. So we had the smoothie which had no dairy – turned out it was amazing! Yum!

Last night as I was making dinner I decided to toss some pineapple in the freezer and get some chilled to make a creation similar to pineapple whip. So thankful I tried this out – it was amazing!!!! Best yet, it was quick, easy and the perfect dessert without the guilt.

Serves 2 (1 hungry-person cup full each)

2c. frozen pineapple (even faster – Trader Joes’ sells this ready to go)
1c. almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)
1 tsp honey, agave, or brown rice syrup (leave out if you don’t want it less sweet)

1. Place the sweetener in a blender. Give it a swirl. (Trust me, this is necessary since the frozen fruit will make the sweetener into a chunk and only one person will get the gift of sweetness. Ha-ha, I was the lucky winner the first time around – yum!
2. Add the pineapple and give it a good “whip” until really smooth.
3. Serve!

*Note: Sorry about the bad photo, we were watching a movie in the dark. Movie-optional but highly suggested.

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