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Whew~ my calves are killing… oh calf muscle strain how you mock me. The last three days have been really good, considering the weather has turned for the better and maybe Groundhog Phil was telling us the truth and not tricking us this year. As you can tell, I’m in a bit of pain but that’s okay seeing we finally got to run in the sunshine. *happy dance*

As a round up, we have been on a roll with our workouts. The last month hasn’t been the warmest outside and seeing we don’t have a gym membership we been hermits. So, just as the hibernating animals we have been hopping out of our winter caves and relishing in the sunshine. So here’s the breakdown of our workouts this week so far…

Gorgeous sunshine led us to the Hazel Grove Battlefield in Chancellorsville battlefield.  This is the exact location where Colonel Silas Colgrove led the 27th Indiana. Go Boilers! The hike is through a field up and down a tall hill (of course, oh hills around here ha-ha) in a grass type field. The NPS page for this location states it’s a one-mile distance but we found taking the entire distance was around 1.7 miles. It was a really nice route though and made a complete circle so it was easy to park for free and walk right back to your car. Just beware in deep summer since it’s full exposure to the sun- which is perfect for spring. When we returned it was so gorgeous we decided to get dressed in running clothes and go back to the trail for a 3 mile run. Perfect! I wanted to go farther but the poor hubby had a knee pain so he didn’t want to push it.

Furry baby and I were thankful to get out in the 30F for a 1.21 mile walk together. Then in the evening the hubby came home and we got out for another run. Normally we do take Monday off (Monday’s are stress days) but the weather was partially sunny so we couldn’t pass it up. That was just a few feet short of 3 miles. Boy I can’t wait until we can run more miles at night after work – thanks to the sun. We also did a plank and a video of post run yoga.

Hello Spring showers – or was it spring downfalls? Some roads were flooded in our area. Since we don’t own a boat, it was an indoor workout night. As I waited for the husband to come home, I did (2) different dance Zumba workouts. I don’t think I’ll be asked to star in any music videos soon. It was really sad…
Reggae Dance workout by Keaira LaShae

Fun Zumba and Soca Dance Workout!! by Keaira LaShae

Then, thanks again to You Tube we were able to test out Jillian Michael’s 6 Week 6 Pack Workout Level 1.

This was the first time trying out this video and oh boy it was a bit longer than expecting with 35 minutes. About 30 minutes I was screaming in pain with my wrist – ironically nothing else. I think I have dysfunctional abs or something (okay, so maybe I didn’t do them correctly or something). The husband said that he had some problems in the last ten minutes or so but was amazed I was doing the max intensity. So who knows…? The video isn’t for the light hearted though. The workouts aren’t that difficult but around the 3rd trip around the circuit you can feel it.

So that’s my week. How has your week been coming along? Let me know in the comments!!!