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Have you seen the new Vegan Cuts line that states, “Will Travel for Vegan Food”? Well, it basically expresses everything about my family. It goes a bit deeper though since we travel for vegan food either from a restaurant or a grocery store. After moving to the “country” it’s hard to find vegan options in our local grocery stores so we tend to travel around the surrounding area to places selling vegan products. Thankfully we have the option to travel less than an hour to Washington D.C. metro area. This last weekend the husband and I decided we would travel to a few different Asian grocery stores since I’ve been a bit homesick for Japan.

I’ll make sure to review the stores we visited and spent lots of money later but first I have to tell you all about the Loving Hut in Falls Church, VA. Loving Hut is a chain restaurant from around the world that serves 100% vegan options. If you are thinking it’s some sort of hippie grass eating restaurant but you would totally be wrong. It’s so amazing to not only go into a restaurant and not worry of what is vegan and what is not but to also find that all the food is a feast for the taste buds. The hubby and I have been to both the Cincinnati, OH; Reynoldsburg, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; and both in Honolulu, HI. We loved all of the locations!

So one can only imagine how much I screamed in delight seeing there was one in Falls Church, VA. Thankfully it’s not closer or I would be broke by now. LOL This trip we splurged a bit since we wanted to try a few things and have some leftovers for later.

Starters: Golden Rolls which are basically spring rolls.

Loving hut Golden Rolls
Salad: Loving Hut Salad (which I have ordered at each one I love it so much. Anyone have the recipe?)

Loving Hut Salad
Entrée: (2) Lemongrass Tofu and Mixed Vegetables & Vietnamese Vegan Steak Sandwich otherwise known as a Banh Mi (supposed to be BBQ but isn’t)

IMG_6318Bhan Mi

This trip was our first excursion to this location and oh boy were we looking forward to it. We did find a few differences between the various restaurants which we found as a pro and con.

Pros of every Loving Hut:
Delicious Recipes made from fresh ingredients
Recipes are predictable so kinda know what you are going to get.
There are options for non-vegans that will convince them vegans aren’t so bad
Hello, vegan dessert!!!!
Friendly Staff

Cons of this particular Loving Hut:
Floors were really sticky- think movie theater floors
Confusing layout of restaurant
Location is difficult to navigate
Food seemed to be blander than other locations
Rather rundown for the price range of entrees

Normally I’m turned off from restaurants that do not have the highest cleanliness habits but considering this is the only location nearby, we will definitely be going back. After all, I have to have my Loving Hut Salad fix. Ha-ha If you are traveling through the area or even live nearby, go ahead and order takeout- you will love it! Remember to leave room for dessert, unlike us. *whimper*

If you have been to Loving Hut, what is your favorite item? Comment, pls!!!