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Running down the wet, black roads in our gated community really did put a new perspective on running that I had not yet been able to experience.  It wasn’t one of sheer thrill either as my eyes started to water from the freezing windchill (okay, so maybe it was 32F/0C) and then started to freeze to my cheeks.  At that moment and for the last mile to run home, I decided that maybe I really should pick up indoor workouts once again.  For 5 years I have worked out in the winter or extreme heat at a gym but seeing as there is not one close, I have to run outside.  Sure, occasionally I do some indoor workouts but I do have a lack of motivation during the week, not saying that my neighbors wouldn’t enjoy the comedic entertainment though. That’s especially true when my husband workouts out inside, last time he tried Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD he somehow kicked the bookshelf and injured his leg for about a month.  Poor hubby!

So I looked through all the sites that I used to enjoy when the blinds were completely closed and I found an instant favorite once again.  It doesn’t really compete with the two hour workouts at the gym however it does do a body good.  You might have heard of the site called BodyRock.tv.  It’s an online free workout trainer that posts daily workouts throughout the week on Daily Hiit.  I can’t believe I had forgotten about this website so I knew I had to share it with you all.  If you can get past counting all the muscles on the trainers’ stomachs, you will most likely enjoy the easy 12 minute workouts.  I encourage you to go and see what Body Rock is all about and enjoy a free workout daily – minus all the gym equipment.

What’s your favorite Indoor Workout?  (Don’t even comment with the answer situps… )