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*Hopefully all of you can look past the terrible photo but thought you might like to see the running outfit of the day.

Finally, “we’ve got sun…shiiiine on a not-so cloudy day”…. *singing* So thrilled to finally get outside after the last few days of bone-chilling cold wind-chill temps and rain, rain, rain… I’m just not a run in the rain type of person – cold temperatures I’ve mastered so far but the rain still has me stumped. I’ve been researching running rain jackets but I’m not totally convinced on any just yet to justify the price. Anyone have something they love? Please, please please share in the comments section or email me.

Anyways, the furry baby and I got out in the afternoon when the temperature was higher than -1C/30F. I literally put on my Garmin Forerunner 10 and she bounces out of her bed and skipped to the back door. So cute! Out we went in the partial sunshine on our normal 1.22mile walk. The birds were chirping and a tail was a’waggin. She just melts my heart- she has my husband and I wrapped around her little paw.

Additionally I went for a short run just before lunchtime… Weight Losing readers, this is a trick of mine if you are a snack fan like me and get hungry just before lunch, go ahead and take a run/walk outside for 30 minutes or so. It takes up time, you won’t eat extra calories and you get a little workout. Perfect! I ran about 1.5 miles and was going at a rate of 8-9 min/miles the entire way. That’s a great accomplishment considering I’m in my off season for another week and these hills… oh the hills here. Haha Husband wanted to go out for another run when he got home but upon arrival he was tired so we ended up doing the furry babies’ nails. So, other than some yoga at home that was just about everything I did besides dancing as I cleaned the house.

So, that’s my workout journal for the day. Anyone else have a glimpse of sunshine and go outside for a workout?