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As you may already know, I’m not the biggest fan of the “holiday” Valentine’s Day.  There’s a reason why the mail still runs on this day, mainly since it’s a commercial holiday that the government doesn’t dare create into a public holiday day off work.  Can you just image the feedback from that one?  Anyways, today I like to consider just another day but one that I do make a nice dinner for the husband in the house.  We hibernate and just enjoy each others company.  With the world we live in today, things are always rushed and away from the house so this one day we like to spend together just enjoying the precious gift of love from each other.  Not everyone receives the gift of love but thankfully we are two that have been given the chance so we take advantage of it.

So tonight I will be making the husband’s favorite dish of Brown Rice Spaghetti with fresh tomato and caper sauce.  As an added surprise (close your eyes if your name is Bob), I have prepared Indian TVP chunk meatballs for the sauce.  If that were not enough, I made a special loaf of bread that has a red heart inside.  Yes, inside!!!  I haven’t sliced it yet but I just hope it worked out.  I’ll definitely be taking photos for all of you to see.  Then I have broccoli (my favorite) and fresh fruit for dessert.  Maybe even a bottle of red wine will be opened but not sure what the hubby will want tonight.

So I’m off with just this short message to get into some final preparations for tonight, a little yoga and then off for a short run before the husband comes home.  Then we are both off together to get a nice run in before the sun goes down.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day expressing your love for one another – whether it be a partner, family member, friend or even a stranger (why not!).

What are your plans for this evening?