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It’s just easier to say “I think I’m healthy” but do you really understand the level of your health and fitness? It just takes a bit of an hour or so to check out where one stands. It’s this juncture that could change your life for eternity… My grandfather worked up until the last few weeks of his life and I’m constantly reminding of him expressing, “If you stop you will die”. I’d like to believe that if one takes a few moments to stop, think, and regroup one will live.

Many of our societal beliefs of today goes directly along my grandfathers’ statement since we live busy lives and appear to be healthy we must be, right? Hold the party, sorry; it’s not entirely a true statement. It’s more denial (rather reading between the lines) than the truth. Thus I urge all of you if you have not done so to really take a look into how your body is currently working and evaluate how you can make it better for your future.

True to my grandfather’s statement, one must continue on moving to live longer. One must honor ones’ ancestors so I do have to agree with my grandfather in one point. (Many of you will love this one.) Scientists continue to find that one that lives a life full of movement, one actually does live longer. No, you don’t have to have a gym membership to be healthy but rather you have to have continuous activity booked in your daily lifestyle to live a healthy and happy one. Work at the computer all day, take a short break every hour or so and take a brisk walk around the building or even outside (if available). It’s the small changes in your life that really make a big difference. The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found minute amounts of exercise actually assisted in lowering blood pressure as well as reducing inches off patient’s hips and waistline. Even a short walk after dinner could assist in reducing fat and triglyceride levels in ones’ bloodstream, expressed in 2006 in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. These short walks were actually more helpful than long sessions in a gym.

So how do you take a stance on your health? Well, it’s simple just calculate the numbers. Personally I love the free website called BMI Calculator to calculate my BMI, BMR and calorie count intake necessary for my measurements. Not one person is alike and hence no one should just follow along with a general healthy lifestyle plan given by a website. For years I have been sticking to a 2000 calorie intake per day and was confused why I wasn’t losing weight. Then I found this website (sounds they are paying me but seriously they aren’t) and figured it all out. In basic terms, I’m short and my body doesn’t need 2000 calories daily – I was overeating when I thought I was doing it all right. Additionally I learnt the true amount of weight my body could handle for my frame size. (Again, not everyone is the same).

Hopefully this helps you out in figuring what to do with your weight loss, weight gain or maintenance goals in 2013. Our bodies are a magnificent wonders of the world and each one should be treated as it was built. Why keep guessing if you are healthy and just do the numbers and make a game plan for your body type today. It’s best to keep moving on with a healthy lifestyle and remember to always have fun doing it. (That and look cute doing it!)

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