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Happy February 2013! January just flew past me, how about you all? Seeing the month had just flown past the hubby and me, we decided to have a weekend at home. It’s almost tax season so the hubby needed to get some filing down with his receipts so I can start the fun job of tax preparations. Oh yea! I tried to wiggle him out of his office (mainly so I didn’t have to start taxes) but he wouldn’t budget. Darn!

Hence, our weekend was rather boring and uneventful. Saturday I mainly cleaned and organized our pantry closet and utility closet. These are two rooms have really been screaming out for me to organize. Thankfully I got both done in just one day – I just have to get another basket for “overflow” items in our pantry. Does anyone else have an overflow basket for extra cooking supplies like spray oil, dry beans, and herbs?

Bored out of my mind, I managed to do some yoga inside the house (as there were snow flurries outside) before we took the garbage to our gated communities’ garbage/recycle center about 1.5 miles from our house. As a country gal from Lower Michigan, it’s strange to place all our garbage in our Prius (mind you we do have a trunk liner now) and take it someplace. I tease the hubby that we are taking our trash for a lovely drive before its doom.

To bring the night to a close we made PPK Seitan Porcini Beef Stew and watched Les Misérables. The stew was a bit different than we expected from the photo but isn’t that always the case? It was savory but did not have much of any taste – rather bland I guess. We love tons of flavor in our recipes though so those of you that love something savory but not overly strong in spice will love it. It warmed us up and filled our hunger needs so it was great this once. The movie on the other hand was amazing! It was the first time viewing it and really feel like I’ve been missing out. It follows along the life of an ex-convict who has the heart of gold. It’s one of those stories that makes one want to do better for man-kind and our Christian brothers and sisters. Highly recommended

Sunday was a bit more rambunctious in the Genki Kitty household. The husband and furry baby slept in until around 8:00A.M. Me, I don’t have the ability to sleep in on any day. Instead I woke up and did some yoga on my new yoga mat. Hooray for new yoga mats! Darling man and I both got our first yoga mats ever- so excited!! Since they were still snoozing, I decided to make a nice cup of Sevenberry Sangria (love it!!!) herbal tea from Teavana. As I drank this, I played with a cat feather duster with the furry cat baby. If you have a cat, do you end up playing more than the cat with his/her toys?

Out to breakfast at our favorite coffeehouse down in Fredericksburg, VA called Hyperion Espresso (okay, so it’s one of the only two we have found so far). They do have a few vegan options along with the various types of delicious organic coffee. Mmm After we enjoyed breakfast, we walked to old George Washington’s church for the traditional Sunday service. Love the convenience of walking around downtown – I’m such a city gal at heart after living in Japan. The service was wonderful and we were very inspired for the next week.
After church we made it to Target where we needed to get some necessary items like Boca Chik’n Burgers (mmm, they have the vegan spicy chik’n) and cleaning supplies. (Never tried Boca Chik’n Burgers – run to the store today and purchase!!!  Nom nom nom)  Unfortunately they didn’t have organizational boxes that I needed after my organizational duties yesterday. Ah well… We did our thing and then went home for lunch. Next we both did a little relaxation of reading and playing with the furry babies. Then we went for a nice long walk out in the cold with the furry baby – it finally stopped snowing so it was perfect timing. Then we prepared some leftovers for dinner and watched a back episode of Biggest Loser – so sad that Momma Pam was eliminated but she looked amazing in her “see me now” video. She’s such a winner!

Finally we made some delicious oil free vegan cookies. Mmmm (recipe still in progress but coming soon)