Photo is from Coach Calorie Website.

A friend introduced me to this site today and I have been hooked.  Guilty as charged I have read it for about 30 minutes non-stop now and am loving it.  The site is called Coach Calorie and contains informative information about changing ones lifestyle instead of “dieting”.  There’s some pretty interesting information enough to keep me interested long enough to write to you all about it.  The best part of me is the “How They Did It” section which follows along the Question and Answer Questionnaire to those with great transformation results.  I’m a little disappointed that some of the people have had weight loss surgery but most of the woman did all the grunt work alone.  If you love those before & after photos from website this is the site for you.  Each person gives information on worked for them and gentle tips on how you can go about your weight loss – healthy lifestyle transformation.  Enjoy!

*Warning:  Click to the link only when you have lots of reading time because you are going to get hooked!