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Does anyone else find that time escapes them when you get onto YouTube?  My latest favorite is watching daily facial cleansing routines.  Mainly this is due to the pull of YouTube and the other part is due to overindulgence of being lazy from cold weather.  It’s amazing how many gurus have made videos about everyday things and us at home sit and watch for hours.  My parents were strictly against all things “girlie” so much that it was forbidden to wear makeup until after high school (don’t even think of dating).  Now that I am older I find YouTube to be incredibly educational in learning of properly applying makeup and of new products on the market that “I can’t live without”.

Funny enough even though I watch all these videos I’m a bit of a basic person.  Sure I have special products in my bathroom for those special days but nothing that glamorous really, maybe that’s what everyone says though.  So today I thought I might share my daily facial routine and the products that I use in my bathroom.


A little background here is that I suffer from severe acne.  Yes it has cleared after becoming vegan but seeing as my acne is through my fathers’ side of the family, I still have bouts.  I know I’m not alone in this but I have been going to the dermatologist since I was in middle school (actually elementary if you count a strange rash I was born with that is very rare but now gone).  This is probably going to sound like an infomercial but I have been on accutane twice (which made me terrible sick) and other topical medicines – basically you name it and I have tested it with no luck.  So a lot of my facial products are what I have been using for years and proven to work with my skin.

Facial Cleansing: Purpose Cleansing Soap is from Johnson & Johnson and is a miracle for acne prone skin.  It has been recommended to me by a handful of dermatologists I have had throughout the years.  It does come in a liquid pump wash but I find that the gentle cleansing bar works best and really does last months.  I use this at least once but sometimes up to three times a day and it never dries out my skin.  Actually I only have to buy 2 bars a year and it costs only a few dollars in total. (Photo from CVS where you can purchase)

Skin Toner: When I enrolled in college I had no idea what toner was and how to use it.  So my first trial run was with a popular brand found only at the cosmetics counter in malls around the nation.  I tried a triple product plan that contains my first toner.  I used it everyday and found that it did a nice job of making my skin feel extra smooth and clear.  Unfortunately I found it also made my acne irritated and fight back with ferocity.  After that I tried another brand that was sold over the telephone or online that was supposed to be a miracle worker – again the same results.  I gave it up for a few years and then I found out about Witch Hazel from a YouTube video.  It is actually a shrub that can be used as an astringent that removes excess oil and tightened pores.  It does just that without the breakout.  As an added benefit it costs a few dollars at local stores – I get mine from Target or Wal-Mart.  (Natural Health stores sell it too but at an alarmingly higher price). (photo from Wal-Mart where you can purchase in Pharmacy section)

Skin Moisturizer: Each time I watch these YouTube videos I’m amazed at how much moisture people strip from their skin and then add back in daily.  My skin is naturally balanced due to the proper soap and toner that I use so I have no need for moisturizer.  Actually most of my dermatologists have recommended not using any since it is a type of false moisture in the skin.  I drink lots of water and eat healthy and that seems to be enough that I have absolutely no issues.  This is what works best for me but maybe not everyone.

Special Day Cleansers: Things are pretty basic around here but I tend to keep to what works for me at the time.  There are some special products that I have just found recently to which I am truly in love with right now.  Lush is a great vegan source for skin cleansers and although my general store brands are cheaper I do splurge to have some of their products around which do not cause breakouts.  I love the Herbalism Facial Cleansing Mask and the Angels on Bare Skin.  These are a bit more pricy but you only need a pea-size amount so it really does last a very long time and worth the money.  I use this a few times a week just for a special something to my skin.

Special Day Masks:  On other occasions I have been known to make oatmeal masks from just oatmeal and water to calm my skin.  Additionally I have made a special Chinese recipe for White Fungus liquid to use on my face with a Japanese tissue mask.  Both of these are calming to the skin.  But on those days that my skin just lacks luster I go to a mud mask that is from my darling friends that are from Jordan.  She actually had her husband bring mud back to me from the Dead Sea in Jordan so I could use it on my face and body.  It’s supposed to have healing properties and due to the large amounts of minerals can really make your skin sparkle once again.  I place this mud (which is just mud) on my face and leave it on to tingle and dry.  It feels as though all my pores have been zapped with a laser closed and buffed to shine like a star.  You can purchase Dead Sea masks in major department stores or better yet online- just look for 100% Dead Sea Mud. (Photo from Etsy shop where you can purchase- mine is seriously just the mud and not pretty like this one)

So that’s really it, I’m not much for extravagant products and filling my bathroom countertop with expensive but unnecessary products.  Sometimes the natural stuff is just better – boring but better and easier on the pocketbook.

What’s your favorite natural facial products?

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