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Wow, wow, wow! I’d say more but seriously it’s so cold here I think my fingers are frozen in place. Actually they are just purple as I sit writing inside our house so don’t worry. (Gotta love “heat” pumps) Yesterday the temperature just seemed to keep plummeting through the night, hence, we woke up to 30F degrees less in the morning. *pouts* When this happens what else is there to do but make homemade vegan cinnamon rolls to send off with the husband to work for himself and his colleagues, right? Making cinnamon rolls is the best upper arm exercise and can really increase the internal heat in ones house – double bonus!

My favorite cinnamon roll recipe (besides my pumpkin cinnamon rolls in the fall) has to be hands down to the Gay Vegans recipe. Total Yum Alert! Nom nom nom My only changes are:
vanilla bean paste – vanilla extract (sorry vanilla beans are out of my budget)
soy milk- flax milk or coconut milk
White flour- whole wheat white flour & 1/2 white flour for whole wheat flour