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Hello Everyone, Happy Monday! Hopefully the weather was as gorgeous where you are located as it is where we are right now. We actually got close to around 70F- amazing for this time of the year for us Northerners. Don’t get confused though, it’s not a complaint. I could live with 90F everyday and be just fine with it.
Here’s the weekend recap:

To commemorate the wonderful weather (it’s not everyday we see the sun & be warm) so we spent most of our daylight hours in the great wilderness. Friday my husband had 1/2 a day off so we went to get Starbucks and go for a 2.5 mi hike in Chancellorsville Battlefield (Yep, USA Civil War). Most of it is hilly but there are some steeper sections and then flat so it was a great mixture of everything. I jumped for joy when we got to flat land (seeing as we live on so many hills it’s uncommon).

Saturday: We drove to the Caledon Natural Area which is a park that has a few different trails next to the Potomac River that reaches out into the Atlantic Ocean. We went hiking with my brother in law who actually lives across the river in MD. It was a nice trek into the hilly area to go see the water and swamp land where the eagles nest. If you are in the area, this is highly recommended and a great day of fun in the sun.

Sunday: It was near 70F so we were out the whole day! We cleaned our windows (cathedral in our living/dining room area). Next we washed our car inside/outside, biked, ran, walked the dog, went to the beach and even sat outside for a BBQ. We were so tired by night that we just crashed. Love it!

We did rather good this time around. We did splurge on green tea soy latte’s from Starbucks but that is about 270 calories so considering all the exercise I’m not calling it a fail.

Breakfast: Luna & Cliff Bar with clementines.
Snack: A few BBQ flavored sunflower seeds.
Lunch: We ate at the park since there were no restaurants within 1/2 hour or so… we ate to hurry and make something before we got there in 5 minutes or less. We made ramen without the seasoning pkg and wakame and onion. Delicious after about 4 hours of hiking.

Dinner: We were bad about this meal because we were just sooo tired after all the hiking. After hiking we went looking for wii fitness games, movies and so on. Then we went grocery shopping so by the time we got home we were tired… We ended up trying Amy’s Soup (very bland to me) and some hummus with tortillas.

Homemade Whole Wheat Flour Banana/PB thingy… coffee cake without the coffee… I had Teavana Lemon Lime Kampai and Raspberry Chocolate Truffle.

Lunch: BBQ vegan hot dogs and sausages and sliced sweet potato. Teavana tea.
Snack After walk, bike, run: This Spanish raw vegan cake that is basically almonds, figs and dates smashed together. We also shared a Spanish clementine.

Dinner: We had leftovers so nothing really that exciting…

Isn’t it wonderful to have weather that allows one to go outside? I love the idea of spending almost all of our time in the sunshine and enjoying nature as much as possible. How was your weekend?