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Hello Friends! The weekend has come to an end but there are plenty of pictures and memories made which has to mean it was a fun-filled weekend, right? The husband and I had only a two day weekend but we decided to take a day trip to a city called Charlottesville, VA. It’s about 1 and a ¼ hours from our house, the drive is through the Virginia countryside though so it’s very relaxing and full of breathtaking views. VA is a gorgeous state if you have never been here, almost like a lost state that is filled with landscapes out of a painters dream.

The main reason we took a day trip to Charlottesville was an antique store my husband had found online. We are big antique shop browsers and can not pass up a trip to a 10,000 sq ft shop that is both inside and outside. Our intention is to purchase a few pieces of furniture for our house but we end up with other items in our car each time, minus the furniture. Partly our issue is to not finding much furniture and partly due to the fact we are incredible picky when it comes to high price tagged items. Guess that’s the sad reason why it’s been over 5 yrs and still no bed frame set. Oops! So yeah, we didn’t get any furniture but the husband did find a Lord of the Rings DVD set and I found a wooden cooking spoon – so we both were excited. Anyone else love antique shops? (Not those overpriced ones, the kind that millions of things are tossed in a small area…)

Almost forgot, we did actually find out as we were driving to Charlottesville the town contained our states’ university called University of Virginia. As you may remember from another post, I was a member of the Tau Beta Sigma Sorority in university and was forced to memorize all the other universities in the USA but (hmmm) must have slipped my mind. The mighty man pre-planned for us to eat breakfast at a place called Bodo’s Bagels but it was jammed full of people – all woman. We deduced the idea that since all these woman were dressed up before 10AM and getting hot drinks and no food that it was Rush Weekend. We could barely get through the doors! So we chose to get coffee at Starbucks next door and then go to Dunkin Donuts to sit and drink our coffee and eat some pastries (no idea if anything was vegan or not – tears). There was a darling man taking his two kiddos out for donuts and the fact that he mentioned he was delighted to take them out while Momma got some things done at home really melted my heart. I love that!

Then after the craziness of the restaurants we went back to our car to find out that as we looked out from our window, there was a running shop directly in front of us. Hello! It was destiny! So one has to listen and we went into the store. It had to have been one of the largest running shops I have ever been into and the best thing was that everything was on sale! The hubster had to hold me back – seriously. I ended up just getting a new package of Gu (never tried it –hoping it’s vegan if not I’ll send off with the hubby) and a package of new Ascis running socks. I’ll review later… Not bad I think, right?

Back in the car with my purchases we drove to another antique shop that was Chinese inspired – unfortunately for me but fortunately for the husband our Prius is much too small for the large pieces in the store. But we did enjoy walking around and getting a hot tea at Java Java (which by the way can make vegan sandwiches). It was still a bit early for lunch so we decided to shop a bit more and go on to Mellow Mushroom Pizza; I almost fell over with excitement as we drove past it since we had no idea it was in the city. We once had this pizza while driving to TN from OH a year ago and have dreamt about their Mega Veg Pizza ever since (yep, totally vegan and complete with daiya cheese!!!!). Best pizza ever!!!!

With our bellies full and my headache bursting to the seems (thanks to some kids testing their vocal skills in the restaurant), we drove back ½ way home to a place called Barboursville Ruins. We had heard about the ruins before in an advertisement but we had no idea that a winery (by the same name) was built on the same piece of land. Wine tasting and historical ruins, sign me up! So we went to the ruins of a house that Thomas Jefferson designed and then went for wine tasting. My headache was still in full force but one can’t turn down wine tasting, right? FYI, on the Eastern Coast wineries love to charge $5-6 for wine tasting but you do get adorable wine glasses to take home. In the Midwest most wineries have free wine tours and tastings but that isn’t the case here. Anyone know why? State law maybe? There were about 30 wines to try (no we saved some for later) but we did enjoy our time at the winery and would definitely go back again. Unfortunately the restaurant on the estate requires strict reservations and has no vegetarian or vegan options so we went home for a homemade dinner instead. But it worked out best because I was able to lie down and rest as the perfect hubby made dinner.

Saturday night we locked the door to sleep and didn’t unlock them until around 2PM on Sunday. My head hurt again today as I awoke and so leaving the house really wasn’t in my nearest interest. We did manage to purchase a large amount at Teavana, Lush and Amazon. The Amazon purchase was for a new antenna to put outdoors since we can’t get any reception in our lake house – it’s just too rural. Additional the husband wanted to have a portable speaker for the Brookstone Projector I got him for Christmas and also I stocked up on our Deva Tiny Vegan Multivitamins (highly recommended). Nothing much else happened besides a nice 2 mile walk with the furry baby and husband. It was quiet but pleasant to be home and not be running all around town.

Wow, this was a bit of a ramble – so sorry… How was your weekend?