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My very being is dependant (nix that – is fueled) by my passion of food. Occasionally I’m asked if I ever get tired of eating just vegetables and fruit, since apparently that’s all vegan eat, right? This question always reminds me of Alicia Silverstone and a comment she made in her book “The Kind Diet” (or was it in an interview, I can’t remember) recalling her first day as a vegan. She mentioned something along the lines how she said goodbye to tasty food and I believe did a few “Hail Mary’s” on the adventure she was about to take into veganism. This always brings a smile to my face since I too did the exact same thing before entering head-on into veganism. Now I know different but this recollection always comes to mind when I find something that truly captures me such as my latest addiction from Christmas.

It truly couldn’t come at a worse time as I’m trying to increase training and reducing food consumption. My in-laws found a bag of Kalamazoo hot cocoa that couldn’t have been tastier. My first thought was “I really hope I hate this…” haha that way I wouldn’t want to drink it and it wouldn’t be a major temptation. Both sides of our family come from this region in Michigan but none of us had heard or seen of this vegan hot cocoa. Ironically my in-laws found it while traveling one day in Indiana. Since it was a present from my in-laws I have to drink it right? All in the call of being a good daughter-in-law…

Unlike other national brands (you know who you are) that either contain milk, this mixture contains potato milk which just sounds cool and a bit odd all at the same time. How one milks a potato I do not know but boy is it well worth it! (Plus how many people can admit to drinking potato milk, am I right? Raise your hand, anyone? Yep, didn’t think so but that’s okay because now you know who sells it so you can have it too.

The package is the same as coffee but inside the hot cocoa mix is bound together in a plastic baggy. Everything is airtight so when you first break into a package all the smells come bursting out. Add about 2 tbsp to a normal sized mug and some hot water and there you have it – potato milk hot cocoa. Don’t’ let the potato put you off though since it tastes very little difference than cow’s milk in this mixture. The taste is superb and creamy, but not thick like a milkshake. There’s a pinch of cinnamon and cayenne though which really burst through with flavor and remind me a lot of Mexican hot cocoa minus all the sugar. I’ve totally fallen in love but sadly after just a few weeks of having at least a mug a day, it’s almost gone (says something since I’m not a chocolate fan).
*Note: I have contacted the company that supposedly makes this however I have not heard back from them yet. They do have a website but hot cocoa isn’t on their list just yet so once I know where to purchase I will let all of you know too.