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Every year as my family would travel from my grandparents for Christmas, the year’s top songs would be playing from the previous year.  It was a good way to recount the year’s most top grossing songs in one evenings span.  At the time I didn’t really care to listen to all the songs but I did like the stories behind the songs that were recording by either the artist or recounted by the DJ.  Since I’ve grown older (as we tend to do) I have started to enjoy listening to the lists of songs and thinking back to what these songs meant to me throughout the year.  A song is like a life story.  Hence, I thought it would be encouraging this new year to look into the lives of those that lost a great deal of weight in 2012 and maybe even learn a few tricks from them.

Here are some sites that I enjoyed reading of others whom were success at weight loss in 2012: