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(Photo: Fireplace Naps)

Eating healthy foods and exercising are resolutions everyone tosses around during the New Year but for me, my issue is sleep. Since we moved to Virginia, both of us have been plagued with bad sleeping patterns. It’s ironic to say the least since we plan out more than 8 hours of sleep however our house is equipped with a heat pump instead of a central heating furnace. My husband states he grew up with a heat pump however in the colder regions of Michigan there is always backup central heating available for under 30F when heat pumps do not function. That’s really not the case in this house so as you can imagine, the house is freezing during those cold winter nights when temperatures dip below 30F, which happens to be just about every night right now. Instead of heat, the heat pump runs non-stop and has a horrendous noise at all times. It wouldn’t be so bad however the installer placed the unit right under the two bedroom windows so we get the pleasure of listening to it the entire night. There’s also this wonder additional noise pollution called a “moose call” which if you have a heat pump you definitely know the sound I’m referring to. If not, basically the “moose call” is a loud noise that occurs at least once every 30 minutes and sounds similar to someone killing a moose or herd of wild elephants. It’s a great noise to be jolted awake to in a few times an hour as one can image.

(Photo: Heat Pump Visual only our “indoor unit” is actually under the house in a open crawl space which happens to be also open to the elements. There nothing indoors but a thermostat and ducting.)

So, sleeping is not that easy in our house – praying warmer weather is upon us so we can just turn it off completely at night. We have a heated mattress pad for cold nights but we do have to keep the heat on under 30F since the pipes will freeze and heat pumps run more “efficiently” if kept at a constant temperature (or so manufactures say – electric companies dream come true!). Okay, off my angry soapbox… My solution is an okay nights sleep is turn the heat pump down two degrees before going to sleep – it gives us about two hours of silence since it doesn’t run. Just of late, I have had to use earplugs which helps sleep but my ears are in pain the next morning. Anyone know of a brand of sleeping earplugs for smaller ears?

(Video:  Not our heat pump but ours makes this loud of a noise all night long and also has an even louder moose call.  Additionally we don’t have ours encased by brick walls.)

If you have the same issue as me, try these simple tricks to getting better sleep to help you function better throughout the day and actually supplement your weight loss journey. Check out these sites for more information on this topic. If you have any personal solutions and have this issue too, I would love to hear from you in the comments section!