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Thanks to either my brother-in-law or my 10-year old niece, the hubster has an unforgiving cold that is extremely being a difficult guest in his body. So basically any free time we have had he has either been sleeping or taking vitamin C in just about any form (oranges, alka-seltzer tabs, vegan vitamins, and even Airborne.) Vitamin C is one of those vitamins which if you intake too much, it will wash out of your body naturally so there’s not really an issue with overdosing but assuring oneself that he/she is getting enough. He being in bed sleeping most of the time had me going crazy with boredom. Thankfully I have a new birthday/Christmas present nook and I have been trying to read through those few free books available on Barnes and Nobles website. So far I have only really come across one real book for free but am still searching for some sites to borrow from others and such but for now I’m reading the novellas available for free.

Once the sick man did get up, he was more than ready to do something but not while exerting too much energy. That pretty much cancelled everything we enjoy doing on the weekends so we ended up breaking out the 750 puzzle from my two nieces this last Christmas. We sat for about two hours, hard to believe I know, doing this puzzle and it was rather fun. It’s not much of a surprise seeing that we both have a competitive side though. We didn’t quite get it completed but that just leaves a little for later when we are bored.

As for exercise I can’t really state that we did all that much. I feel guilty when I get out for a good run when the hubby is stuck at home feeling ill and wanting to be out active. So while he slept I did a short ¾ mile walk with the furry baby in 39F. Then when the hubby finally got up again we went on a nice ½ mile walk to the beach and drank some vegan hot cocoa while we chatted about general stuff. Such a nice outing!

Good Advice Poster

Finally turning in the evening we sat down for a relaxing movie called Good Advice which features Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards. It was a bit old but perfect for one of those nights we didn’t want to think too much but enjoy something to watch. The movie was okay but the part of Charlie Sheen really didn’t match his real personality so it was a bit unnatural feeling and gave us an unbalanced opinion at the end. It’s worth a viewing when you have some free time.


Warmer Days are upon us – the husband gave me permission to call it pre-spring. Birds were singing when we woke up and thanks to them we decided to go into town and have a breakfast before church. Normally we have a large homemade breakfast on Sunday morning but today was just too gorgeous to not enjoy it downtown. Church doesn’t start until 11AM so we had plenty of time to enjoy breakfast and walk around before the sermon. After hearing of this bakery called Eileen’s near the Rappahannock River from other vegan bloggers, we decided to test the waters once again and see what options they have for vegans or vegetarians. We have gone here three different times hoping they would come out with something but unfortunately breakfast is not full of options. There are only two coffee houses that we have found downtown so options are minimal – basically since we moved to VA we don’t eat out much since there really aren’t that many options around for vegetarians or vegans. Sad, isn’t it? So once again we went and found no options but being a bit of a distance from our house, we had to go with some pastries that did have butter in them. We weren’t thrilled but there were no other options. If you are a carnivore, there are a good amount of options for warm breakfast sandwiches here.

After our disappointing trip out for breakfast, we decided since we had two hours until church still to go ahead and go grocery shopping. We live in a gated community that is about 30 minutes from anything, so we have to get everything done when we are in town. We managed to get everything that we needed at a store called Wegman’s, a nice collection of vegan options and clearly labeled. After our trip to the store, we just really didn’t want to go to church (only problem with such a late service) and returned home.

Lunch was basic soup leftovers and then we decided to go ahead and take a 4 mile hike through Chancellorsville Battlefield. You Civil War Buffs will know this place very well for the gruesome battles at this location and for the Stonewall Jackson memorial that resides here. It was a gorgeous 54F outside – hooray! We also got in one geocache which was really exciting since searching around for it didn’t take long. The furry baby also loved the hike since it was all canine friendly, although she has to admit that riding in the backpack ¾ of the hike on my back was nicer than walking up and down the muddy hills.

Once back we took showers and were tired so it was an easy dinner night. We managed to cook Cauliflower-Cheese with Peas, which we call Cali-Chez in our household. Yum! Afterwards we were lazy again and just managed to stay awake for another hour or so to clean the kitchen and watch some of our shows. Perfect warm winter Sunday…

How was your weekend?