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Christmas in Michigan 2013

Officially 2013 has come and we can celebrate a start of a new beginning – hooray! Isn’t it always exciting to start a new year since it means a total evaluation of oneself and a start to something totally fresh and new? Okay, so maybe not everyone takes the new year so seriously but it’s a great time for me to take a step back and see what changes I want to make to my life, especially since life can be short and I want to make the most of it. Does anyone else take the new year so seriously?

So my game plan for this year? Well, that’s a good question really because it literally takes me about a week to complete my plan for the next year. Yea, I said I was serious about that right? Haha Crazy maybe but it works for me. Right now I’m working on it and will share with all of you lucky people after I complete it. Whatever the final plan comes out to be I’m confident in stating it will be a lot of healthy food, plenty of exercise and hopefully an endless supply of happiness.

As I create my plan, please feel free to let me know what your game plan is, I would love to know! Comment section is below…