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Christmas baking has begun in my household and oh man does it smell amazing! This is the hardest time of the year for weight loss and I completely understand it. Since we actually have to travel 11 hours by car we tend to freeze everything after everything has cooled from the oven. That doesn’t mean that the mouth watering smells don’t linger in our house well until we wake up the next day. I think last night I was drooling just taking in the smell of Christmas baking.

Today I have been once again busy with baking goodies to share with my family and friends in Michigan. The darling husband and I are the only two who are vegan, hence we have to take a good amount with us. Trust me, it’s a challenge taking baked items all the way with a cat and dog but we manage to do it without too much of a hassle. We love sharing our vegan goodies with everyone anyways so it’s a great way for people to try it out without having to make too much of a commitment. It’s funny though that people complain about our “health” food but then are the first ones in line for vegan seconds. Haha Gotta love this season!

I just wanted to remind you all of the wonderful vegan tofu-free pumpkin pie recipe HERE. Again I have made this recipe for our family and my husband is already drooling over the photos I so kindly sent him via our iPhones while he was at work. Haha Enjoy!