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Hello Everyone!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  The last few weeks have been a bit on the crazy side and I just realized I haven’t written the entire month of December!  Where did the time go, seriously where?  My main setback to writing has been the holidays and setting up everything that it involves.  (At least that’s the part I’m going to admit to…)


It thrills me as I’m reading everyone’s lovely blogs lately that a lot of people are preparing more homemade goodies for the holidays.  Homemade is always better than store bought goodies in my book any day.  In my family, we follow traditional German culture of making gifts and all homemade edible goodies.  Even from an early age, I was given the wonderful chance to try out many different types of crafts such as woodworking, crocheting, baking, cooking, photography, dog training and so on.  I’m a 4-H lifer and proud of it!  In fact, I know how to do so many “old school” arts and skills that my college roommate would be abashed each time I told her I could do something.  Honestly I felt bad because her upbringing wasn’t the same as mine, hence she wasn’t given the ability to learn all of these things and she was jealous of the fact.  Thankfully people such as my college roommate and everyone else can learn skills from the internet and learn from others.  (I know I do.)


Given that I learn so much online (even after a good 4-H childhood), I urge everyone to learn something new this December and try something out by hand.  It could be as simple as making one batch of cookies to maybe even making a present for someone you love.  This year I’m of course making way too many edible goodies (I’ll keep you updated on those later) and I have made two crocheted items as presents.


My favorite places to get inspiration are pinterest, Youtube.com, personal blog sites and maybe even my site.  I get so much inspiration from others that I hope I can inspire and encourage at least one person to use ones’ own hands at crafting.  It’s really not that hard and you can save a lot of money in the long run.


So in the time of giving you could be learning and giving from the heart instead of the mall.  What will you try out?