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Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration? Is it just me or does Thanksgiving really kick off the holiday season? It is just a wonderful way to get together with your loved ones and celebrate over a well planned meal of fresh seasonal produce. For me any reason to eat more pumpkin is high on my list, hooray! In our household we had a nice calm Thanksgiving with my husband, his brother and his brothers’ old roommate. So there were just the four of us sitting around the table, chatting and having wonderful homemade food together. We basically stuffed ourselves in which later we decided to hike off in a nearby battlefield trail. Nothing like a nice 2.1 mile hike through the wooded area where men were once at war to work off a full vegan Thanksgiving dinner, right? As an added bonus it was well into the 60’s so we delighted in the sunshine and unseasonably fantastic weather (okay unseasonal for us Northerners). The warmer weather the better for me please, I’m so not a cold weather person. After our hike we managed to cut into three different vegan pies – oh yea!

So on Friday, we kick started the Christmas season. Hubby and I literally woke up around 7AM and dig into our Christmas boxes stashed away in my closet. Our lake house has a large A-frame roof that has a private master bedroom with bathroom upstairs with large storage areas behind our clothing closets. So we weren’t too loud digging into the attic or anything like that while our guests were sleeping downstairs. On went the holiday music in our vehicles and we were off to get some hot coffee in Culpeper, VA and then to a local tree farm for a Christmas tree. We didn’t find a Christmas tree that was within our price range but we did have a good time shopping around the city. I managed to purchase a bag full of dark chocolate that is supposed to contain no milk or other dairy products. Now I have the main man’s stocking stuffers completed but still have neither main present nor birthday present, uh oh! As per tradition, we had Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch. The hubby and bro-in-law put up Christmas lights outside and I blew leaves around for about 1-2 hours. The weather was really nice so we decided to go running while bro-in-law friend took a much needed nap with the furry babies inside the house. The men ran 2 miles and I went for another 2 miles to total 4 miles – I just couldn’t stop running because it was such nice weather. The boys stopped running because they were worried about getting showers before the HVAC man came for his appointment. Yes, another appointment, which in the end he missed once again and never called to let us know. We called to complain once again and he finally made it to our house for his 2-4PM appointment at 8:30PM! That meant we wasted 6.5 hours waiting around for him when we had some other things that we had planned but couldn’t do. Argh! So we instead stayed in and watched a movie with popcorn.

Saturday we sadly had to say goodbye to our house guests after two fun filled days. It’s always sad to say goodbye to house guests isn’t it? I love a full house of friends and family, the more the merrier. As an added plus, the more the warm bodies the warmer the household. The hubby and I were then off for some Christmas shopping and some grocery shopping. Its funny how one can stock up the fridge for a holiday and a day after there is nothing left in it. I guess that just means we were efficient in how much we purchased? Anyways, thankfully we managed to check off another two people from our long list. Since this is our first year in VA, we have decided to purchase everyone VA inspired gifts (one never knows when one will move again). Once home from the madhouse we got into a little paperwork and cleaning the house before settling in to a nice BBC Manor House documentary series with the furry babies.

Sunday we were terrible and missed church, by miss I mean just didn’t go. We stayed home and got into some more paperwork and cleaning up the yard from leaves. When we first moved here I thought the water heater man was joking when he said that most people blow leaves until January but I’m starting to believe him, yikes! No wonder people kept telling me to purchase a leaf blower when they saw I was raking, gasp, with a rake. It took us three hours to complete the entire yard (can’t wait until we can move away from the leaves). The husband also put some Styrofoam to cover the summer vents for our crawl space to help reduce our high electricity bills. We have learned two things, never have a house with a crawl space and never get a heat pump if you live in a cooler region. We also setup our small West Virginia Christmas Tree that we ended up purchasing at Home Depot (it was much cheaper than cutting down our own – go figure). We decorated it with lights and setup some more Christmas decorations.

Have you started to decorate for the holidays?