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Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Americans! Non-Americans, Happy Wednesday! Today has been so filled with preparation work that I’m in the total holiday spirit. I’ve been cleaning the house from top to bottom (minus the top of our cathedral ceilings) and baking everything ahead as much as possible. I’ve even managed to hand clean all the floors just to be assured everything is clean. Our furry baby is thrilled to go climbing and finding places to rest along the way.

So far I’ve made the rolls

pumpkin pies (photo of 1 baked and 1 none baked)

sweet potato casserole. (oops, I haven’t taken a photo yet but will soon)

Not to over do it or anything but I have also gotten in a run each day this week but today (since my knees are still bruised and hurting yesterday the hubby asked me to hold off for one day and I agreed). The other furry baby and I did get out for a fast paced 1.2’ish mile walk out in the wondrous sunshine though. Winter Running Gear in Full.

Additionally I have given my poor itchy furry baby an oatmeal bath in the kitchen. Our Jacuzzi tub is so difficult to bend over to wash our 9-10 lbs furry baby. Minor problem with the water level and a wagging tail.

Now that I have things pretty much clean I just have to take tomorrow and do minor cleaning, baking the Trader Joe’s Turkey-less roast, mashed potatoes and gravy. So excited that this will be our very first Virginia Thanksgiving but I know we will miss our family up North. For now we are just praying that our HVAC “specialist” will come tonight with our heat pump board and thermostat. We aren’t holding our breath though seeing as last night he told us that he has another client tomorrow and he could have someone pick up the parts that are in but he didn’t really want to do that. Basically he was telling us he wasn’t going to be bothered to put heat into our house even though we have been waiting just about two months. We are thankful that it is slightly warmer the next two days though and hopefully our guests won’t leave too early considering the temperature inside.

Are all of you ready for Thanksgiving? I’d love to know, just comment below.