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Photo: My lap as I am typing right now, it’s a furry baby lap warmer/ supervisor.

Monday was super hard for us freezing vegans in Virginia. Yet again, our landowner provided HVAC man didn’t show up for his appointment (without any notice). Thirty minutes after the appointment time-frame was missed, we called the company up and inquired once again what was happening. Apparently they didn’t “receive the heat pump part” from FedEx in the morning (…because FedEx is never reliable, right? Um, not in my experience…) and it never crossed anyone’s mind to call to announce they would not be coming yet again for the 2-4PM appointment. So frustrating! It got worse though, I was flaming mad when the company asked “Why does it matter, your wife works from home, she doesn’t have a job?” Seriously? Um, Seriously? I’m speechless. So yet again, I have to take another day trapped in the house waiting to see if the HVAC will come while canceling everything to wait. Let’s see if the 5 appointment is the charm or if tomorrow night we have to freeze in 20F temperatures.

So off my complaint podium… I’ve been meaning to write some reviews of the exercise clothes that I purchased the other day for winter running. For those of you under 5’, let me tell you there are so options out there – hooray! My first tip to buying running pants for women, simply go to the men’s department. Yep, they have more options than in the women’s section. Women’s running pants, in my experience, don’t come in petite sizes but men’s do, go figure. So my greatest find is:

1. Hind: Dry Lete Men’s; Style: HM3437; Color: Anthracite/Orange. This pair of exercise pants is moisture wicking, UV level and styled for performance and movement of the legs. Besides being short in length, the pants have plastic around the elastic of the ankles to keep in the heat during cooler runs. At first I wasn’t sure if the plastic was going to rub or cut off circulation as I ran but I was wildly surprised that neither were an issue. I had no cold air cooling my ankles or wind going the pant legs – so amazing! Additionally, the pair I have has some design stitching on the sides that give the appearance of more buff runner legs. I’m just totally in love with the Hind Men’s Exercise Pants. These retail for around $40.00 but I found my pair at Marshall’s for $14.99.

2. Layer 8 Performance Running Long Sleeve with thumb holes; Style: LW3249; Color: Prism Violet. For over a year now I have wanted a running shirt that contained the uniquely designed thumb hole long sleeve option for women. (Do they do that for guys?) Unfortunately I haven’t been able to digest the extra cost for two extra holes in a shirt – I’m such a cheap’ie. Hehe Thankfully I found this shirt that not only is “Qwick Dry” (moisture wicking) but also was less than $30.00. Sold! After running in the shirt a few times now, I have discovered the unique comfort that the two extra holes bring and can say that it is worth the extra money. The holes keep the shirt from shifting while running, double as extra warmth and finally keep the sleeves tucked into one’s gloves on cold runs. This shirt retails for $36.00 but I found it at Marshall’s for $12.99.

3. Columbia Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective Long Sleeve Shirt. Columbia came out with this Omni Heat in different styles but I purchased the base layer Midweight LS Top in Large. It looks like a normal running tech shirt but the inside looks like those marathon finish-line thermal blankets. This shirt not only comes with a cool factor but also has some great benefits such as being Omni-Wick (advanced moisture wicking) Antimicrobial, waterproof, keeps warm in winter, keeps cold in summer, resists rain & stains, keeps bugs at bay, omni-shade and is completely comfortable. It is super thin so I couldn’t imagine how well this was going to keep me warm in the cold but I ran in 30F the other night and it was so warm I thought about taking off my running vest. It seriously does what it states it is supposed to do – totally believe the advertisements on this omni-heat thermal reflective style. I know one isn’t supposed to wear running clothes other than when running but I have to admit I toss this on a few hours before I run just to get a little warmth inside the house. This shirt retails normally for $55.00 but during my exercise clothing haul from Marshall’s I got this shirt for $24.99. The price is steep but completely 100% worth it!

Just for fun…

These are the three things that I purchased the other day on a two hour shopping trip for exercise clothes. We actually went to a few different places (including a few sport stores) but Marshall’s Department Store seemed to have the best selection. Saving even a few dollars while shopping for exercise clothes is definitely worth a trip but finding some that actually fit my smaller frame is like heaven for a runner.

What’s your latest favorite running item?