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Oh I’m so excited!  3.15 is the number of the day – hooray!  It’s been rather tough trying to get back into the swing of running after a duration of vacation time between moving from Ohio to Virginia.  Apparently “VA is for runners” (so says the cutest t-shirt in our local VA running store- gift idea hint hint!).  Two (or was it three) years ago I started running in Ohio just one month before my very first Turkey Trot.  The darling man had run in high school and after so he was a seasoned runner unlike my tennis booty.  So, running was an entirely different experience for me and I thank Ohio for being my inspiration to begin my love affair with running.  The only down side is that Ohio is basically a flat area that stretches for miles and miles.  I think I still fear driving home for the holidays to Michigan seeing that it is field after field of corn – argh!  No more corn fields now though seeing we live in the mountains and everything is hilly – hooray for Virginia!


My running here in our new home state is much different with all the hills and slowly I am getting more and more used to the different terrain.  It has been about 1.5 months I think it is and I’m just getting into sounding normal while running.  At first I sounded like a dog panting for life support in the dessert at high noon time.  Now I’m more quiet while running and people don’t give me the stare when passing- some of the older residents probably thought I was about to die in front of them.  Those days are over because today I ran 5k again.  Yes, I am used to running longer distances but considering these killer hills, I’m thankful for my distance and my time.  I seriously thank the good Lord each and every time I make it home without being placed on a stretcher.  (Do they call them stretchers anymore?)  My total time was 34.11 and I’m just thrilled to the man and back with this time.


Running is about getting outside and enjoying oneself.  I’d love to be a professional runner that spends all day training and working out but for now I’m going to settle with reaching my own goals.  My next goal is to get my time back down to 9-10 minute miles and get back into running longer distances.  It funny how just a year ago I ran ½ a marathon (my own personal venue) and I was thrilled but today I’m delighted in knowing I ran my first 5k in VA.    Thank you Virginia, I hope we have many more wonderful days training together!


Suggestions for increasing speed on hills?