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Image: Sunset just before running.

Last night my husband and I finally got out for a cold fall run after he returned from work. Daylight Saving Time just kills us every year… The hard working man makes it home as the sun is setting unfortunately so it doesn’t leave much room for running in the natural light. This was our first time running outside so we weren’t sure what to expect with the weather conditions, traffic or visibility. We do live in a gated community that has a strict 25MPH rule which most people respect but there are always those rebels out there. You rebels know who you are…tisk tisk.

Our first ½ mile went really well with all conditions running at night. We did manage to get a good conversation in about his new job and the company surprise policies so the first mile went really fast. Amazingly we were going at a rather good pace for just under 11min/mi. Then all of a sudden there was a car that drove past with lights turned on and blinded us. Since our community is in the country, it doesn’t have the night rounded off edges of city streets (oh, I miss sidewalks) so I tripped on the edge of the cement and tumbled down part of the ditch. I’m sure it was quite the view for people inside their houses but for me I really hit my knees and hands hard.

Determined I was though that I managed to run the second mile on our schedule even through all the pain. I think my darling man wanted to force me to stop seeing that I was in so much pain but he knows better to stand in the way of something that I have pre-planned. We ran 2 hilly miles in 22 minutes, 2 minutes more than it took me earlier in the daytime with light. I’m hoping the time difference was just the conditions and my injuries. Taking off my running pants and gloves, I was amazed at how the materials were in mint condition. My Nike winter running pants actually have no marks on the outside even though inside I had taken a chunk out of my right knee and large scraps on both knees. The pants actually served as a bandage. My new Brooks Lite Running gloves again kept my hands completely clear of any visible cuts or scraps. I do have some bruising on the pads of my hands but only visible up close.

So my lesson learned about night running requires: 1. one really does need to take it a bit slower; 2. Wear long running pants that cover your knees & gloves for your hands; 3. Wear reflective materials (we have a Nathan vest); 4. Wear some sort of light to allow one to see the road conditions.

Q: We are thinking of getting two Petzel Light headsets. Has anyone tried this or suggest another brand?