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As promised, my cold weather running gear (only with running shoes instead of slippers) No idea why its blurry, oops!

Today has been a lazy day, seeing as it was 27F outside when we woke up. That meant it was around 55F inside – brrrr! Last night we bundled up the furry babies with about a million of blankets on their kennels so they were nice and warm the whole night. Us, well, we have a small heated blanket that keeps the bed warm for about three hour until it shuts off automatically. That’s okay though because we wake up after about 4 hours when the blanket loses its residual heat. Hopefully you never have our problem but if you do have to wait for parts for your heat appliance to come in, buy a heated blanket.

Some of you are probably lucky to have a warm house, lucky ones, and so you might want to workout indoors instead of outdoors where it’s warmer (at least in my case). Here are a few workout videos online that I found to be wonderful and best yet free! Today I hit a PR in running two miles on our hilly terrain- 2 miles in 20:30ish. Additionally I did 9 minutes of yoga to stretch out my sore running legs so I might not get to these today but I’m totally going to test these out this week. (All videos are from YouTube and are not mine.)

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1(35:04mins)

Kickbox for Weight Loss (55:36 mins)

Zumba Class with Gigi!  Zumba Class (50:46 mins)

New York City Ballet Workout 2 (1:09:41mins)

20 Minutes to Sexy Toned Arms (26:21)

What’s your favorite workout outfit?